‘Castle’: This Clip Show is No Bomb

A very clever episode of "Castle" flashed back to highlights of Castle's and Beckett's relationship. (ABC)

Ah, the clip show, that staple of 1980s television, in which an ostensibly new episode would turn out to consist of “The Golden Girls” eating cheesecake on the lanai and saying things like, “Remember that time we went to the nudist colony?” followed by a flashback to that scene.

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Their existence made a lot more sense before first DVDs and then the internet gave everyone access to every single episode of their favorite series.

Castle” decided to reinvent the clip show for the twenty-first century. The result, “Still” was surprisingly delightful.

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It turns out that the key to making a clip show interesting is to construct a compelling story around the flashbacks.  The episode starts on a light note when Castle brings Beckett breakfast in bed. She stayed up late working a case involving an exploding building. They banter about when she fell for him. He thinks it was when they first met. She just took a while to admit it. She insists she really did think he was an ass for a while.

Their conversation is interrupted when she gets a call that they have tracked down the person who blew up the building. Castle accompanies her to the crime scene. The guy is carrying a detonator,  and Beckett thinks she steps on a bomb on her way out of the apartment. Castle waits with her while she waits for the bomb disposal unit. The officer confirms Beckett is standing in a bomb, and she can’t move until they disarm it.

Castle refuses to leave her. He’s going to be her bomb buddy and keep her entertained – and so will you if you watch the episode here:

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