NYT Editor Calls Larry David’s Boston Marathon Op-Ed ‘Insensitive,’ ‘Unfunny’

Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO)

After spending years playing a character who often drew criticism for his insensitivity on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” Larry David now faces a similar situation in real life.

The actor received heat from readers who were offended by David’s satirical op-ed piece in last Sunday’s edition of the New York Times that spoofed an interview between a reporter and a suspected terrorist’s mother. The piece was designed to mock the news conference given by the mother of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, according to E! News.

Now an editor for the Times is agreeing that not only was the piece “insensitive,” is was also “unfunny.”

“Humor is hard to gauge, of course,” the paper’s Margaret Sullivan wrote in the Times’ Public Editor’s Journal. “What works for some people doesn’t work for others. (And Mr. David’s material often cracks me up.) Some people have much more stomach than others for jokes that are in questionable or plain old bad taste. And the question of timing is tricky.”

Although editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal defended the decision to run David’s piece, noting that it “in no way mocked or belittled the victims of the bombing or the seriousness of terrorist attacks,” Sullivan simply said it wasn’t humorous.

“The Larry David piece doesn’t [work]—not only because it was insensitive, but also because it was unfunny,” she wrote.

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