Five Reasons to Get Hooked on ‘Scandal’…Now!

Kerry Washington stars in the ABC hit "Scandal." (ABC)

Are you hooked on “Scandal?”

If you haven’t discovered creative powerhouse Shonda Rhimes’s latest hour of prime time brilliance – a TV series the New York Times upon its debut last fall called “a suspenseful, juicy romp that holds attention better than many a more high-minded show” – here are five reasons why you need to tune in tonight:

Reason #5: To support Shonda Rhimes of course! She’s the first black woman to create, write and executive produce a top rated one-hour TV series that has aired for more than one season.

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Reason #4: The drama is really heating up! What’s so genius about this show is how just when you think you’ve figured out who “wears the white hat” and who doesn’t, the writers throw another cartoon-style, crazy curve ball that leaves you gripping your couch pillow, mouth hung open, staring in disbelief while nearly spilling your entire bag of cheese popcorn (note: cheese popcorn not required while watching the show).

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Reason #3: Olivia Pope’s wardrobe is insanely amazing!  For all you professional ladies out there, the styling of the main character, Olivia Pope, will inspire you to step your work wear up. Love how they pair structured silhouettes with feminine accents and colors. For more on Olivia Pope’s style check out this article here.

Reason #2: The chemistry…oh the chemistry. The chemistry between Kerry Washington’s lead character, Olivia Pope, and Tony Goldwyn’s leading male character, President Fitz Grant, is palpable!! When you hear their song beginning to play in the background you know it’s about to go down. It’s so scandalous, pardon the pun, rooting for this “all kinds of wrong” relationship…but it’s so intoxicating!

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Reason #1: Kerry Washington! What’s not to like about this woman? She’s super intelligent and equally beautiful. We love that she’s headlining this show and playing a powerful, leader as Olivia Pope. It’s an image we don’t often get to see black women in media portray. Watching Kerry Washington so effortlessly add to the diverse spectrum of black women on TV is as good a reason as any to watch this show.

If you can’t make it, no worries, we’ve got you covered. The show will be available with XFINITY On Demand (and online) the next day.

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