‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Everyone Loses Their Mind

Dr. Webber (James Pickens Jr., right) calls Ben (Jason George, left) to come help his wife Bailey (Chandra Wilson, not photo'd) on "Grey's Anatomy" (Photo: ABC)

Everyone is losing their damn minds in this week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Do You Believe in Magic.” The doctors are feeling misplaced guilt, considering cheating on their significant others, and acting like children. Read on for the highlights.

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Bailey Acts Like A Mad Scientist

Even though she has a clean bill of health and has been cleared to operate, Bailey (Chandra Wilson) has not returned to active duty. She is still reeling from learning that her MRSA infection, as well as some defective gloves, is what caused the deaths of several patients. So she’s holed herself up in her geonome lab. She ignores every doctor who tries to talk to her. They all think that she is angry because they called the CDC. Callie tells her it was Jackson’s idea. I continue to be troubled that doctors think it was the wrong call to accurately determine the cause of a deadly infection. What would the alternative have been? Guessing and hoping no more patients died? Bailey is not pouting. She is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She repeatedly tests herself for infection, until the entire lab is covered with negative swabs. Finally, Weber (James Pickens Jr.) calls her husband, Ben (Jason George). She did not tell him what happened because she didn’t want to bother him while he was studying for his exams. Bailey has some strange ideas about marriage. She insists it’s her fault that the patients died. She is scared to go back to the O.R. in case it will happen again. She feels dirty. He is awesome and supportive and assures her she is not to blame. Watch the touching scene below.

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Owen Gets Another Step Closer to Snatching That Poor Nearly Orphaned Kid

Ethan, the kid whose mother died and whose father is in a coma, tells Owen (Kevin McKidd) he would rather be with him than with his grandma, Nancy (Jennifer Bassey). Owen pretends he isn’t hoping that everyone close to the kid dies so he can adopt him. When Owen takes some of Nancy’s sleeping pills and falls into a little coma of his own, Arizona calls social services, as legally mandated. Cristina (Sandra Oh) knows that another type of sleeping pill will wake him up. Nancy realizes she can’t handle taking care of Ethan. There is no one else in their family who can help. One down, one to go, Owen. Cristina asks Owen if he wants a kid. He insists he wants her. But he’s obviously about five minutes from filing paperwork to become Ethan’s temporary guardian.

Arizona Does Some Extra-Marital Flirting

Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) accidentally takes a coffee intended for an attractive woman named Lauren. They have an instant flirtatious vibe. She is a craniofacial specialist who is going to operate on a baby with a major facial deformity. She compliments Arizona’s eyes. Arizona tells her she is married to Callie. Lauren cops to Googling her. If Arizona does more than look at Lauren, after everything Callie has put up with this season, I will be through with the character.

Jackson and April Pretend They Don’t Want to Get Back Together

Jackson (Jesse Williams) has been blowing off Stephanie. He promises he will make it up to her with a date at Joe’s, because what could be more romantic than the bar across from the hospital? He helps April (Sarah Drew) with a complicated surgery. She apologizes for blaming him for her decision to repeatedly have sex with him then asks him to Joe’s for a drink. He turns her down, but he has forgotten all about Stephanie and plans to go to Joe’s with Alex. When he gets there, Stephanie is waiting, and she is angry. She makes a great speech about how she deserves to be treated better. He silences her complaints with a kiss, which would be ridiculous if he weren’t so good looking.

Alex and Jo Turn a Corner

Alex (Justin Chambers) childishly avoids Jo (Camilla Luddington), who, in his defense, did tell him to stay away from him in the previous episode. Finally, she asks him if they can at least be civil to each other. He misinterprets it as her wanting to be on his surgical service. He says he’s sick of crazy chicks with problems. He sees her arguing with Jason, who has been upset since he learned she didn’t tell him she spent her childhood in foster care. She shows up at Alex’s house with a bloody face and asks if she can stay with him. That came out of nowhere, but it works. I now despise Jason and hope he will die an agonizing death.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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