Take a Look at Paris Hilton’s 21-Year-Old Boyfriend: Watch

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David Letterman made fun of Paris Hilton’s ever-changing lineup of boyfriends when she turned up on the “Letterman” show with this year’s “love of her life.”

“Each time you’re here, we, as it turns out, have said hello to ‘the love of your life,’ and it’s never the same guy!” Letterman said to Hilton on CBS’s “Late Show” Thursday night.

“This time, it’s for real!” insisted Hilton, 32, just before Dave directed that a remote camera in a backstage Green Room show the world the 21 year-old male model Hilton is dating at the moment. “I’ve never been happier!” Hilton gushed.

“But you say that each time!” countered Letterman.

“He’s so hot!” Paris replied.

For the record, Hilton’s boyfriend du jour is named River Viiperi, a male model from Spain. He waved to the camera from his perch in the Green Room but he said nothing.

Meanwhile, Paris says she’s made a pile of money recently selling fragrances. She has 15 of them with her name on them in stores around the world, or so she says. Dave then had her participate in a blindfold smell test to see if she could identify her own products. In the process, Letterman sprayed Windex on Hilton’s arm, which wound up removing part of her spray tan.

Watch this incredible moment in late-night television history:
[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Late-Show-With-David-Letterman/5905029104002392112/28845635596/David-Letterman—Paris-Hilton-s-Fragrance-Test/embed 580 476]
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