‘Grey’s Anatomy’: A Storm Is Brewing

Ellen Pompeo and Sandra Oh on "Grey's Anatomy" (Photo: ABC)

Grey’s Anatomy” always has huge season finales. This week’s penultimate episode, “Readiness Is All,” is pretty big in its own right, as Grey-Sloane Hospital prepares for a large storm while each of the doctors faces emotional turmoil. Here are the highlights.

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Did Alex Beat Up His Rival?

Jo (Camilla Luddington) tells Alex (Justin Chambers) that her boyfriend Jason (Charles Michael Davis) hit her during an argument, saying he couldn’t trust her anymore. Alex puts her to bed, then heads out. The next time we see Alex, he’s taking Derek (Patrick Dempsey) to a severely beaten Jason’s hospital room. He tells Derek not to let him die. He insists to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Cristina (Sandra Oh) that Jason was unconscious when he found him. Jo confesses that she did it, claiming he fell when she was defending herself. Alex insists that they keep the police out of it until they know how seriously Jason is injured. Jason wakes up and asks for the police. He tells Alex that Jo attacked first, calling her a lunatic. Alex points out he’s friends with the owners of the hospital. He warns that no one will believe his story and asks what he wants to do next. Derek overhears this and criticizes him for resorting to blackmail to stop Jason from pressing charges. Alex goes home and lectures Jo, telling her to stop acting like a lowlife. She tells him that the last time someone grabbed her like Jason did she swore she would never let it happen again. It’s difficult to tell who started it, but Jo’s actions definitely stemmed beyond self-defense. Violent rage is probably not the best quality in a surgeon. He admits if she hadn’t done it, he would have. Then a tree falls through the roof as the storm starts, nearly hitting them.

A Surprise Musical Proposal

When April goes outside to meet an ambulance carrying a patient, a huge flash mob starts to perform to the tune of the Proclaimers “Five Thousand Miles” as it circles her. It’s all part of Matthew’s (Justin Breuning) surprise marriage proposal. This is the danger of dating a man who doesn’t believe in premarital sex. He wants to take the plunge right away. Alex comments that April found someone as dorky as she is, but as you can see in the clip below, it’s quite charming. April says yes, of course. Jackson looks on wistfully.

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Bailey Struggles with Surgery

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) volunteers to print out all of the computerized patient charts in preparation for the storm. How does the hospital not have administrative staff? Ben (Jason George) tells Richard that she still isn’t ready to return to surgery. Richard asks her to join the surgical team for an injured construction worker. She refuses. So he later orders her, as an owner of the hospital, to get back to work. She puts herself on the schedule.

Arizona Crosses the Line

Lauren (Hillarie Burton) continues to shamelessly flirt with Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). Their surgery on a baby with a birth defect is a success. Afterward, they are alone in the call room when the power goes out. Lauren kisses Arizona. She pulls away. Lauren tells her she is allowed to lose control. That’s not really true when you are married, but it works on Arizona, who goes back for more making out. This is a disappointing turn of events, considering everything Arizona and Callie have gone through — and what Callie put up with as an angry Arizona coped with the devastating loss of her leg after the plane crash. Putting this couple’s relationship in jeopardy is also not endearing Hillarie Burton’s character to viewers, who’ve already unleashed the backlash against the plot twist.

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It’s Good News, Bad News for Owen

Owen’s desire to adopt Ethan grows stronger after the boy tells him he is nervous about going into foster care. his grandmother Nancy asks about taking her comatose son Paul off life-support. Meredith encourages him to trust his gut and go for it. Cristina does another scan and discovers a clot in Paul’s brain. The surgery is successful. Paul wakes up and is miraculously fine. Instead of being happy, Owen is disappointed that he has to give up his dream of adopting the man’s son. He hides his pain by announcing that Paul needs to move to another hospital immediately so he won’t be injured during the storm. There are plenty of other 10 year olds who need a home, Owen.

Meredith Goes into Labor at an Inopportune Time

Meredith falls while she runs up the stairs. Her doctor declares that she and the baby are fine. But, as the storm hits, her water breaks! It is so like Meredith’s baby to be a drama queen before it’s even born.

“Grey’s Anatomy” airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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