JLo Says ‘Door’s Not Closed’ on ‘American Idol’

by | May 10, 2013 at 9:49 PM | American Idol

Jennifer Lopez (Entertainment Tonight)

With Randy Jackson leaving one judge’s seat vacant on “American Idol,” and rumors that three more openings are imminent, is Jennifer Lopez considering a return to the show?

Entertainment Tonight’s” Rob Marciano asks that question to JLo herself, interviewing her on the set of her new music video “Live It Up.” The series of interviews with her will air on “ET” all next week.

When Marciano asked Lopez if she would return to the show Lopez responded, “That door’s not closed… my gut feeling is I know I love the show and I had a great time on it but the honest truth is I really don’t know what my plans are.” Lopez goes on to say, “I still enjoy the show, I still enjoy seeing those singers take that journey….for me, that’s the real heart of that show.”

“Jennifer Lopez Week” begins Monday, May 13.