‘NCIS’ Boss Shane Brennan on ‘Red’ Spinoff Prospects: ‘It Is a Very Competitive Year’

The "NCIS: Red" Team, from left: Edwin Hodge (Tech Assistant Kai Ashe); Gillian Alexy (NCIS Special Agent Claire Keats); John Corbett (Roy Haines); Kim Raver (NCIS Special Agent Paris Summerskill); and Scott Grimes (NCIS Special Agent Dave Flynn) (Photo: CBS)

With the CBS Upfronts just days away, the future of “NCIS: Red” will soon be determined. If it does get a series pickup, it would be the third spinoff in the franchise, which began with “JAG,” moved to “NCIS,” and was followed by “NCIS: Los Angeles.”

“It is a very competitive year,” executive producer Shane Brennan tells xfinityTV in an exclusive interview. “There probably aren’t very many slots. CBS is a very successful network, as you know. If they chose to go with Red, that is fantastic.”

It wouldn’t be the first time that Brennan would be the showrunner on two series at the same time. He oversaw both “NCIS” and “NCIS: Los Angeles” for the first two seasons that “L.A.” was on the air.

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“It’s pretty crazy,” he says. “It keeps you busy, but certainly if ‘Red’ goes, I won’t be leaving ‘L.A.’ I will be very, very involved in ‘Red,’ if that is what it ends being called — and if it is picked up. I have some great people who work on ‘L.A.,’ who were there from the beginning.”

What makes “NCIS: Red” different from either of the previous shows is that, as we saw in the two-episode pilot, which aired March 19 and 26 as part of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” it is a portable unit that travels from case to case in mobile trucks … nicknamed “Laverne and Shirley.” So not only will viewers get to see the special agents solving cases, but also get to see what they do in their off hours as the trailers are also their homes.

Behind the Scenes of “NCIS: Red, Part 1”:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/NCIS%3A-Los-Angeles/4642913327036075112/22638659826/NCIS%3A-Los-Angeles—Behind-the-Scenes%3A-Red%3A-Part-One/embed 580 476]

“It is a much different show in that it looks at the 24/7, the pressure cooker of what it’s like to spend all of that time — every hour of the day — with the same team,” Brennan says.

“All of these procedurals that we fall in love with, the question is: But what do they do when they go home? We get to see that in ‘NCIS: Red’ and we got to taste that in the pilot. If we are lucky enough to get picked up, that is something we will explore. It is an interesting take on the whole NCIS world of investigations and crime-fighting.”

Speculation is that if “NCIS: Red,” which stars Kim Raver, John Corbett and Scott Grimes, gets the green light, CBS will air all three shows back-to-back-to-back on Tuesday nights.

Watch Full Episodes of “NCIS” on xfinityTV:

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