‘Scandal’ Shocker: The Mole Is Revealed

Kerry Washington in next week's season finale of "Scandal" on ABC (Photo: ABC)

ABC’s “Scandal” closed in on next Thursday’s season finale with a major “reveal” on last night’s penultimate episode.

The “reveal” in question had to do with the identity of a “mole” — who turned out to be a character once seen on the show but presumed dead. That’s two jaw-droppers in one!

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And that’s as much spoiling as we’d like to do in this recap for the penultimate episode of the season for this over-the-top Washington soap.

If you’re unfamiliar with “Scandal,” it’s the ABC series about a Washington “fixer” — an insider who manages crises for the very powerful and highly visible. On this show, though, this fixer — Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington — is at the center of the scandal of the century: She’s sleeping with the president (Tony Goldwyn).

In Thursday night’s episode, the president’s chief of staff discovered the boss in bed with Olivia, igniting a national crisis that had the president vacillating between declaring he won’t run for reelection and going full steam ahead on a reelection bid.

Watch the entire episode of ABC’s “Scandal” right here:
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This is a series with one of the most complicated, ongoing storylines on TV. There are detailed recaps of this week’s episode all over the Internet today (Friday, May 10), including here (TVGuide.com) and here (TVLine.com).

Be forewarned, of course: The recaps are wall-to-wall with spoilers, so we suggest you watch the episode first, above.

By the way, we fully expect “Scandal” to be on ABC’s lineup for next fall when the network announces its new slate next Tuesday. Why? Ratings, of course: The episode on Thursday night attracted 8.886 million viewers, according to the overnight Nielsens released Friday morning. We expect that to go even higher next Thursday.

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