‘Revenge’ Finale: A Death, a Shocking Revelation and a Major Rewrite

Josh Bowman, left, and Henry Czerny of "Revenge" (Photo: ABC)

Revenge” redeemed its uneven second season with a two-hour finale that managed to address nearly every audience complaint and set the stage for a far more interesting Season 3. Read on for the explosions, both literal and figurative.

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A Big Blackout

Remember back in the 1990s when, one week, all of NBC’s Thursday night comedies featured blackouts? Between this week’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and Sunday night’s “Revenge,” perhaps ABC is attempting a subtler version of the same stunt. Maybe the power will go out in “Nashville” on Wednesday. The episode starts with New York City enveloped in darkness thanks to the release of the Carrion virus. Victoria (Madeline Stowe) and Jack (Nick Wechsler) break into Conrad’s safe in search of the laptop which contains proof that Conrad is responsible for Amily’s death. It isn’t there, but Victoria does give him a folder of information about Amily. Declan is stuck in a bank with Regina. He realizes she is genuinely attracted to Charlotte.

Teen Mom 3: The Hamptons

Victoria finds a positive pregnancy test in her garbage. After initially accusing Daniel (Joshua Bowman) of impregnating Emanda, she realizes that it is Charlotte (Christa B. Allen) who is with child. Victoria tells Declan (Connor Paolo) he is going to be a dad, warning him, “Stay the hell away from my daughter, or your ability to procreate will be a distant memory.” That’s foreshadowing. Regina tells Charlotte that Declan stole money during the blackout and suggests they could raise the baby together. It would be nice if her character had been developed so we would understand why she is obsessed with Charlotte. Declan phones to tell her he is thrilled about the baby. Charlotte realizes Regina was lying about him.

RIP, Takeda

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Emanda (Emily VanCamp) and Nolan (Gabriel Mann) find Takeda’s body. She is devastated to have lost her father figure. She finds the Sensei’s Infinity Box, which contains photos of a Japanese woman and a Caucasian man. When she later sees the wounds on Aiden’s arm, she realizes he killed Takeda in an epic Samurai sword fight. He tells her Takeda’s fiancee was on the plane. Let’s be honest. Nobody cares about why Takeda was training Emanda. He insists he killed Takeda in self-defense. She tells him all she wanted was the truth and tells him to leave. Before he departs, Nolan reveals to him that Emanda briefly gave up her revenge quest for Jack, who the show has finally remembered is the love of her life.

RIP, Grayson Global Headquarters

Victoria warns Conrad (Henry Czerny) that Jack plans to sabotage his campaign appearance by playing the tape proving he was in league with the Ryan brothers and that Ashley is working with him. Conrad uses Ashley’s phone to send a text summoning Jack to his headquarters. Nolan leaves a voicemail warning Jack not to attend because he is being set up. While Conrad makes his speech, everyone in New York gets a “Long Live David Clarke” text message right before the Grayson Global building blows up. Even in the unrealistic context of this show, watching a New York skyscraper exploding packs quite an emotional punch. Fortunately, Daniel sent everyone home from work early. Emanda is concerned about the unaccounted for Jack. She rushes inside the building. The firefighters stop her from going upstairs, but Jack is in Nolan’s office because he got his message. He plans to let Conrad think he is dead. Daniel tells the police that Aiden is responsible for the explosion.

Watch Sunday Night’s “Revenge”-Redeeming Season Finale on xfinityTV:

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RIP, Declan

Declan is the one who was seriously injured in the explosion. Jack sneaks into the hospital wearing scrubs and a mask to visit him. He tells Jack that Charlotte is pregnant and seals his fate by telling Charlotte that the next time she sees him he will be as good as new. Nolan realizes Declan is underplaying his injuries and needs risky heart surgery. By the time Jack returns, Declan is dead. It’s tragic that a young man who wanted to step up for his child is gone. Oh, who am I kidding. Declan was the worst, most extraneous character on the show. His death is a cause for celebration.

RIP, The Initiative?

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Aiden flees but is arrested at the Canadian border. Daniel tells Conrad that Aiden stole all the money from the Amanda Clarke Foundation. Conrad says it’s okay because they still have the Grayson name. Daniel tells Victoria that the Initiative blew up the building and Conrad was in on it. Conrad tells Victoria there is no Initiative, just a coalition of savvy business people who figured out how to profit from disasters. Since they are impossible to predict, they have to create them. He opted in. This does not track with what happened this season, but I am happy to forgive the retroactive continuity, because we are finally rid of the Initiative. Except, the government still believes it exists. They have a video of Padma, who was presumably forced to make it by Trask, saying Nolan is an anarchist and member of the Initiative. If he ends up in Gitmo, Emanda is going to have to buy him a lot of brightly colored clothes to make up for it.

RIP, Emily Thorne’s Fake Identity?

The election results are in. Conrad, who has framed voting for him as a way of standing up to terrorists, wins. Spend the summer hiatus pondering whether he, Peter Florrick or Fitzgerald Grant is the most corrupt television politician. Meanwhile, Victoria’s long-lost son Patrick shows up at the Grayson mansion. Jack sneaks in to the celebration wearing a hilarious disguise that involves hipster glasses and a hat. He is about to shoot Conrad when Emanda arrives and tells him not to throw his life away because of choices she made.

Jack flashes back to young Amanda, as Emily tells him what deep down he’s always known: She is Amanda Clarke!

“Revenge” airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC.

Watch the Second Hour of the “Revenge” Season Finale Below:

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