‘Castle’ Season Finale Hangs on Beckett’s Life-Altering Decision

Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion of "Castle" (Photo: ABC)

I don’t like to see Castle and Beckett unhappy. They are my shiny, positive, aspirational ship. So my blood pressure rose twenty points during the “Castle” Season 5 finale, “Watershed,” which not only had Caskett on the verge of breaking up, but also featured a case inspired by a real-life Los Angeles murder that gave me the creeps when it actually happened. Read on for the highlights — and the cliffhanger that will fill Caskett fans’ hearts with joy.

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Beckett Interviews for Her Dream Job

In D.C., Beckett (Stana Katic), dressed like “Annie Hal” minus the tie, interviews for a position as an investigator for the Attorney General. The interviewer tells her this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. She is enthusiastic about working on bigger cases. There’s only one problem. She has neglected to mention this potential dream job to Castle. In fact, she lies about why she wasn’t answering her phone for a few hours. She has rationalized this decision by convincing herself that there’s nothing to discuss unless she gets a job offer.

Captain Gates (Penny Johnson Jerrald) tells Beckett she got a call from the FBI. She gave her a great recommendation. She encourages her to take the job, saying that it will allow her to utilize all of her talents. Beckett confides in Lanie, wondering if it’s worth taking an opportunity if it would change everything about her life. She is worried her relationship won’t survive the move. She and Castle have never talked about whether their relationship is going to develop into something serious and permanent. That’s probably an unfortunate consequence of having to solve a murder every week.

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The Grossest Murder Ever

The case of the week involves a body found in the water tank at a sleazy motel. On the show, the corpse is discovered when blood pours out of a hotel shower head. In the real-life version, guests drank contaminated water for days. It’s pretty much the grossest thing ever.

In “Castle’s” version, the victim initially seems to be a hooker but turns out to be a Harvard Computer Science major who was staying at the hotel so she could work incognito. She hacked into a law firm’s server so she could uncover evidence that her best friend had been murdered by one of the firm’s clients. Naturally, Castle and Beckett solve the case together. Beckett questions the killer, aware that this may be her last NYPD case. She tells him that the interrogation room is her home and she will not let him lie to her in her own home. Of course, he confesses.

Will Beckett and Castle Break Up?

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Castle finds the boarding pass from Beckett’s flight to Washington. She must have subconsciously wanted Castle to find it, because as a detective, she would know how to hide evidence. Having no choice, she tells him about the job interview. Castle is upset that she kept it from him, as well he should be. But then he says it will be the end of the relationship if she moves. That’s ridiculous. Castle is a novelist. He can work anywhere. There is nothing stopping him from renting an apartment in Olivia Pope’s building and writing a series of mysteries set in Washington D.C. I have no idea why nobody points this out during the episode.

After their argument, Castle discusses the situation with Martha (Susan Sullivan). She wisely says Castle expects Beckett to put him first when neither of them knows where their relationship is going. She points out it took him three years to admit his feelings, and now he wants to run at the first sign of trouble. She thinks he might be holding back because he isn’t sure things will work out between them. Though it’s unmentioned, Castle is someone who has failed at marriage more than once. It’s understandable that he would be wary about permanent commitments.

Beckett is offered the job. She tells her dad she has to choose between the job and Castle. Then her dad points out there’s an express train between New York and D.C. Well, he should, but everyone is pretending that Castle can’t move and long-distance relationships don’t exist. Beckett makes a good point when she muses, “We’ve been doing the dance for the past five years. What happens when the music stops? What if all we were was just in love with was the dance?” He is concerned that she is burying herself in work because she is scared of throwing herself into her relationship. He doesn’t want her to make this decision out of fear. She assures him she sincerely wants the job.

A Very Romantic Cliffhanger

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This is the show that gives fans what they want. So Beckett and Castle meet at the swing set where they talked after she was shot. She apologizes for not sharing her news with him sooner. He says he’s been doing a lot of thinking about their relationship. “We both deserve more,” he tells her.

Then Castle drops down on one knee, like a boss. “So whatever happens, whatever you decide, Katherine Houghton Beckett, will you marry me?” Yes! scream millions of fans in unison. We’ll have to wait until next fall to find out if she accepts his proposal, but you can watch the scene again and again.

“Castle” airs Mondays at 10/9c on ABC.

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