Exclusive: ‘DWTS’ Andy Dick on His ‘RHOBH’ Girlfriend: ‘I Love Her’

Andy Dick (Photo: Angela Weiss/Getty Images)

Andy Dick, who charmed fans with his “Dancing with the Stars” journey this season, has another thing to rave about these days—his love life.

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As xfinityTV has previously reported, Andy is dating “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” sidekick Jennifer Gimenez. When we caught up with Andy at the “DWTS” 300th episode party in Hollywood Tuesday night, he told us the romance was still going strong.

“I just love her,” the comedian told xfinityTV in an exclusive interview. “She really helps me. We talk on a daily basis and she’s a pillar of sobriety for me.”

Andy, who has been open about his previous substance abuse issues, said, “When it comes to her and I, it’s about letting off steam with each other. We let each other vent about our lives and it’s like a pressure cooker. We can check in with each other and let off steam every day. Then there’s no blowup and running into a bar or whatever. We have each other to kind of bounce off of.”

When asked what he loves most about Jennifer, Andy was more than candid, saying, “The sex! Is that what you’re getting at? Sex is important. It’s healthy. Vitamin S!”

“I’ve known Jennifer five years,” he smiled of meeting Jennifer when they both did the VH1 show “Sober House.” “I bonded with her instantly. I was at one of the lowest points in my life so she was a beacon of hope and the realest person in that house. And vulnerable—she was kind of in early sobriety so she was still vulnerable and we bonded. And we kept that connection ever since and it’s escalated.”

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But don’t expect Andy to get married again! When asked if he and Jennifer might get engaged, he told xfinityTV, “No! We’re probably not going to get married. Just because I know me and I was married once and I’ve had kids with people and didn’t even get married, so I don’t think so.

“We’re just in it for fun and we were supposed to have our eyes on other people and be open to it, but we’re just not. We’re together but there’s no pressure.

“If I get married, I’ll have to be in my 60s or 70s. That’s a good time for a man to get married. I’ll be one of those 75-year-olds marrying a 22-year-old ballerina. Well, that’s how Dennis Hopper did it!”

Andy isn’t sure if he would ever appear on Jennifer’s Bravo show, “RHOBH,” in which she is often seen with her best friend, Brandi Glanville. But one of his former “DWTS” co-stars, who is the queen bee of “RHOBH,” could probably persuade him! “That’s up to Lisa Vanderpump. If she wants me to be, it would just be for fun,” he said.

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