‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Finale: A Shocking (Literally) Death?

Chandra Wilson, left, and Sara Ramirez of "Grey's Anatomy" (Photo: ABC)

Grey’s Anatomy” always has great season finales. Thursday night’s episode, “Perfect Storm,” in which the hospital was plunged into darkness as all hell broke loose, was tense from start to finish. There was a macabre suspense: who was going to die in this episode, because someone nearly always does on “Grey’s.”

So many of the scenarios in this episode could have been prevented if the newly elected board of the hospital had the foresight to purchase sufficient quantities of basic supplies. Maybe next season will begin with a trip to Costco.

Read on for the very sad answer and the rest of the highlights.

Meredith Has Her Baby

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Grey-s-Anatomy/5191720111929016112/30560323948/A-McBaby-Is-Born/embed 580 476]

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is in labor. The baby is in the wrong position, so she needs a C-section. The first death of the episode is Meredith’s dream of a drug-free childbirth. It’s a routine procedure, even after the power goes out. There are some tense moments when the baby doesn’t cry immediately. When he does, his breath is shallow, so Derek (Patrick Dempsey) takes McBaby Boy Shepard-Grey to the NICU for further testing. Meredith’s doctor is called away for an emergency surgery so Ross (Gaius Charles) has to close. He discovers that Meredith is bleeding from her abdomen due to an injury sustained in her fall last week. It turns out that her spleen is injured. Ross doesn’t think he knows how to perform such a complex surgery on his own, but she tells him he can do it. She says she knows what the baby’s name is before the anesthesia knocks her out. It would be funny if she wanted to name her son Spleen. Heather (Tina Majorino), aware that Ross is in over his head, tracks down Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who, despite last week’s seeming progress, is still afraid to operate. She is busy trying to open a medicine supply cart with an electronic keypad that won’t work without the power. Upon hearing her friend could die, she awesomely smashes it open with a giant metal bar. This display of physical strength snaps her back into the Bailey we know and love. She rushes to Meredith’s operating room and calmly takes over. She saves Meredith’s life, then freaks out. Meredith decides to name the baby Bailey, which is perfect and adorable.

Cristina Does It in the Dark

The hospital is short on flashlights. Either April gave away too much to the Syrian doctors, or whoever is in charge of supplies needs to be fired. Cristina (Sandra Oh) has trouble locating the injured spot on a patient’s heart in the dim light. Richard (James Pickens Jr.) suggests they turn off all the lights so Cristina can find the injury by listening to the sounds the heart makes. It works. Cristina thanks Richard for making her a better doctor. That seems like foreshadowing, but Cristina rarely says anything nice to anyone.

Watch the Shocking Season Finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” Here:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Grey-s-Anatomy/5191720111929016112/30569027579/Perfect-Storm/embed 580 476]

Arizona Has a Bizarre Justification for Adultery

Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and Lauren (Hilarie Burton) get dressed in the dark after having sex. Due to the battery shortage, all of the ventilators in the nursery go out. The doctors, nurses and parents must hand ventilate the babies. After the power comes back on, Callie (Sara Ramirez) notices that Lauren is wearing Arizona’s scrubs, which have her wedding ring pinned to them. Callie asks Arizona how she could cheat after all they’ve been through. Arizona’s excuse: Callie wasn’t on the plane and she keeps acting like she was. She didn’t lose anything, while Arizona lost a leg and all rational perspective. Yes, she is still angry that Callie made the call to amputate her leg, even though the alternative would have been her death. Arizona shouts, “You want it? The street cred? The badge of honor? The warrior wound? Great. Stick out your leg and I’ll go grab a bone saw and let’s even the score.” Don Draper travels through time to say, “Not even I would come up with such a lame reason for cheating.” Callie tells her, “Apparently, I lost you.”

April Comes to a Realization

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Grey-s-Anatomy/5191720111929016112/30560323946/Jackson-s-Heroic-Save/embed 580 476]

A bus flips over and catches on fire in front of the hospital. Jackson notices a little girl trapped under the bus. While he attempts to coax her out, the bus blows up. April (Sarah Drew) screams and runs toward him as he emerges with the girl in his arms like the boss that he is. At that moment, I thought Matthew (Justin Breuning) would turn out to be dead. But he’s fine, too. She runs into the room where he is being treated for minor injuries and shoves him, screaming that he could have died. She wants him, she realized when the bus exploded. He reminds her she’s getting married to a saintly virgin. She says, “Unless you can give me a reason not to.”

So Do Alex and Cristina

After confiding in Arizona that he believes every woman he loves turns out to be crazy, Alex (Justin Chambers) finally tells Jo (Camilla Luddington) that he loves her. He thinks their dysfunctions balance each other out. They kiss. Cristina asks Owen if he can be happy with just her, more aware than he is of his desire to be a father. “Do you really believe I’ll be enough?” He can’t answer. She tells him, “It already happened.” She leaves. Alone, he says, “Cristina I said no.” Maybe Owen should get together with Callie.

Hail to the Chief

Richard finds an electrical worker who collapsed while repairing the generator. He tells him he just needs to flip the switch. Nobody notices the puddles of water on the floor. When the lights come back on moments later, Bailey can’t find her mentor. In the final chilling shot: Dr. Webber is lying on the floor, seemingly dead, his jacket singed, electrocuted. NO!

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