‘Scandal’s’ Joe Morton on Season Finale’s Surprise Twist

Joe Morton of "Scandal" (Photo: ABC)


It was the final word that had “Scandal” fans screaming and Tweeting like crazy Thursday night.


At the end of the epic Season 2 finale, Olivia (Kerry Washington) found herself tossed into a car with mysterious CIA operative Rowan (Joe Morton). She looked at him surprised, and said, “Dad?”

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The ramifications were staggering. He had, after all, just thrown Olivia’s former lover Jake (Scott Foley) in a CIA-owned prison. He also was seemingly the man responsible for several attempts on Olivia’s life.

After a live table read for TV Academy members Thursday night in Los Angeles, Morton shared how he found out he was playing the father of the head gladiator.

“I kind of knew he was going to be [mysterious Black ops division] B613. I said, ‘Where is this going?’ They said, ‘You’re going to be Olivia Pope’s father, but you can’t tell anyone.’ So for weeks, while I was working on the show, I was the only one who knew. I was the only actor who knew.”

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Morton described where Rowan fits into “Scandal’s” byzantine power structure. “He is, I think, the power behind the throne. He’s one of those guys who is really kind of running the government.”

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So has everything Rowan’s done been an attempt to protect his daughter? Morton has a theory. “She has one line in this last episode. She says, ‘I know who it is. I don’t care. I love Fitz and we’re going to get married.’ I think, and this is a complete guess on my part, I think Rowan has something [bad] on the president. He doesn’t want her to be with the president. That’s my guess, but I have no idea.”

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