‘The Vampire Diaries’ Finale: Last Day on Earth

Nina Dobrev, left, and Candice Accola on "The Vampire Diaries" (Photo: The CW)

One beloved character dies, another is resurrected, Elena finally makes a definitive choice between the Salvatore brothers, and it’s safe to say that nobody predicted Silas’s true identity. “Graduation,” the season finale of “The Vampire Diaries,” was an exciting and poignant triumph. Read on for the highlights of the best vampire high school graduation since Buffy’s.

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The Not-So-Evil Dead

On the football field, Kol (Nathan Buzolic) welcomes back all of the dead creatures to Mystic Falls, saying that the humans unleashed hell on Earth for their own selfish gains, and that’s exactly what they are going to get. Lexie (Arielle Kebbel) has a different agenda: spend as much time as possible with her BFF Stefan (Paul Wesley). Ric and Jeremy just want to make the most of their brief return on Earth by celebrating with Elena (Nina Dobrev). The saddest ghost of all is Bonnie (Kat Graham), who needs to save the world and find a way to say goodbye to all her friends in 24 hours.

Matt and Rebekah Standing on a Bomb K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Alexander, Rebekah’s (Claire Holt) hunter ex, has forced Matt to stand on a bomb while Rebekah watches. She tells Matt that once he is free, she’ll take him around the world. Alexander throws the detonator. Rebekah catches it. They both end up standing on the bomb. Rebekah says the first rule of really living is to do the thing you’re most afraid of. She kisses him, somehow getting him off the bomb. She tells him to run because she can’t be killed, then presses the button. The area, including Alexander, explodes. At the end of the episode, Matt agrees to go on the promised road trip with her, but he makes it clear it will just be a brief fling. Matt also claims he has never left Mystic Falls, which seems unlikely. Didn’t the football team have any away games?

Damon Nearly Dies

Vaughn shoots Damon (Ian Somerhalder) with a bullet dipped in werewolf venom. Damon offers Elena the cure. She refuses to take it. He says, “I guess that answers the sire bond question.”  She notices his wound, which has werewolf venom. She thinks he should take the cure. He refuses and hands it to Vaughn, saying they are digging up Silas. That means Damon’s only hope is a dose of Klaus’s blood. Caroline attempts to locate him while Damon leads Vaughn to the river where he claims he dumped Silas. Of course, he’s lying. Vaughn shoots him again. Ric throws Vaughn into the water after retrieving the cure. Damon still refuses to take it.

Catch-up on Last Week’s Episode of “The Vampire Diaries”:

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Klaus Gives Caroline the Ultimate Graduation Gift

The whole gang makes it to the stadium in time to put on their caps and gowns, including Stefan, who is graduating for the seventeenth time. Bonnie can’t bring herself to tell her friends or her father that she is dead. Kol tells Bonnie the audience is full of supernaturals. He wants her to drop the veil completely. She takes him to her body, saying she wants the same thing he does. But she has actually put a holding spell on him, trapping him in the cave. Katherine tells Bonnie that if she doesn’t get the immortality that Katherine promised she will kill Elena. Klaus makes a dramatic entrance to the graduation, killing a hunter, before making a detour to save Damon. Klaus tells Caroline he has a graduation gift for her. Tyler is now free to return. “He is your first love, I intend to be your last, however long it takes, even if I am going to be on a spin-off next season.” The last part of that may have been subtext.

Elena Chooses a Brother

Elena thanks Stefan for sticking by her, then offers him the cure. She thinks he needs it more than she does. Stefan, of course, refuses to consider taking it. Elena is furious that Damon would have let himself die if Klaus had not returned in time. Damon tells Elena he is selfish. He would rather be dead than be a human. There is no apology that encompasses all the reasons he is wrong for her. She says, “Of all the wrong choices I’ve made, this will prove to be the worst one, but I’m not sorry, I’m in love with you.” They kiss. Stefan eavesdrops with his powers. He tells Damon, “I’m not happy about Elena, but I’m not not happy for you either.” I’m thrilled that the show will explore this relationship without the get-out-of-jail-free card of the sire bond.

Everyone Dies. Again.

Bonnie tells Jeremy she needs to close the veil. He says he’s ready. He left Elena a goodbye letter. Bonnie kisses him. The lights in the cave go out. Jeremy gasps for breath. She tells him that the spell she cast to bring him back worked! He’s alive even though she closed the veil. Then he says he can’t feel her hand. She tells him it’s okay. She will be with the witches and Grams. He can see ghosts. She wants him to tell Elena and Caroline she is spending the summer with her mom so they can have a happy summer. She walks away with Grams. Jeremy’s alive. Bonnie’s dead. It’s the agony and the ecstasy.

Then we see everyone else’s sad departure. Ric tells Damon he got the girl. Then he disappears. Lexie tells Stefan that, contrary to popular belief, there are actually multiple people who are “the one.” Then she fades away. But her wisdom needs to be printed on a poster and sent to every character on every teen show. Kol disappears when he is about to attack Elena.

Someone Finally Uses the Cure

Katherine starts a fight with Elena at the high school. She stabs her in the neck with a mop handle. Elena musters the strength to shove the cure down Katherine’s throat, telling her to enjoy her human life. That was a nice, ironic twist. I’m glad the show didn’t push the reset button by making Elena human again, though it would have had more of an impact if a series regular ended up going from vampire to human.

Silas Reveals His True Face

Stefan takes out the pieces of Silas. Silas in the form of Elena comes to him to explain that when Bonnie died, the spell that turned him to stone expired. “I created the immortality spell. I could never die. Nature needed to create a doppelganger who could.” Stefan sees Silas’s reflection. They look exactly alike. So Stefan is Silas’s doppelganger, just like Elena is Katherine’s. Silas throws real Stefan into the safe that was supposed to contain him, then throws the safe in the water. So now Silas will be impersonating Stefan. This is both confusing and intriguing.

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