What To Watch: This Week’s DVR Picks

'Behind the Candelabra' (HBO)

Monday May 20:

‘YouTube Comedy Week’

YouTube Comedy Week Presents ‘The Big Live Comedy Show.’ Sarah Silverman, Seth Rogen, Vince Vaughn, The Lonely Island, Key & Peele, Reggie Watts and many more comedy stars, will kick off YouTube Comedy Week on May 19 with “The Big Live Comedy Show,” a live 2-hour comedy variety show that will be live streamed across the globe. The show is produced by JASH channel co-founder Daniel Kellison, along with Joel Gallen. YouTube Comedy Week will showcase the best of comedy with live events, video premieres and creative collaborations from the world’s funniest people. From May 19-25, YouTube Comedy Week will bring together the biggest names in comedy on YouTube and beyond to create a one of a kind experience for comedy fans. Check it out right here.

The Goodwin Games‘ (8:30pm ET on Fox) **Series Premiere** Record Now

Starring Scott Foley (‘Scandal,’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy’), Becki Newton (‘Ugly Betty’) and T.J. Miller (‘Our Idiot Brother,’ ‘She’s Out Of My League’), the new inventive family comedy features three estranged siblings who return home after the loss of their beloved father (guest star Beau Bridges) and unexpectedly find themselves poised to inherit more than $20 million – if, and only if, they can adhere to their late father’s wishes.

Rules of Engagement‘ (8:30pm ET on CBS) **Series Finale** Record Now

Brenda goes into labor on Jennifer and Adam’s wedding day. Meanwhile, Russell and Timmy make an attempt at reconciliation and Audrey surprises Jeff, on the 100th episode and the series finale.

Mike & Molly‘ (9:30pm ET on CBS) **Season Finale** Record Now

Mike and Carl get stuck working at the Renaissance Faire after their boss, Patrick, gets dumped by Mike’s mother. Later, as a tornado descends on Chicago, Mike and Molly each confess important news to each other, on the third season finale.

Bates Motel‘ (10pm on A&E) **Season Finale** Record Now

Norman takes Emma to a dance in the Season 1 finale.

The Big C‘ (10pm on Showtime) **Series Finale** Record Now

The series endss with Cathy getting a visit from her estranged father. Elsewhere, Sean develops mixed feelings about his impending kidney surgery after he meets the recipient of his goodwill.

Hawaii Five-0‘ (10pm ET on CBS) **Season Finale** Record Now

As the CIA tasks Five-0 with finding a dangerous killer loose on the island, Kono goes on the run for a murder she did not commit. Meanwhile, McGarrett’s prison visit to Wo Fat ends with a shocking discovery, on the third season finale.

Tuesday May 21:

Bad Girls All Star Battle‘ (9pm on Oxygen) **Series Premiere** Record Now

Oxygen Media reveals 14 of the most memorable girls in ‘Bad Girls Club’ history, all squaring off in a series of outrageous physical and brain teasing challenges on ‘Bad Girls All Star Battle,’ starting with a supersized 90-minute premiere. Hosted by actor, musician, and heartthrob Ray J, these fan favorites will put it all on the line in a drama-filled hard-core competition for $100,000 and the title of “Baddest Bad Girl of All Time.”

Dancing with the Stars‘ (9pm ET on ABC) **Season Finale** Record Now

Find out who gets crowned the winner and takes home the Mirror Ball Trophy.

Grimm‘ (10pm ET on NBC) **Season Finale** Record Now

Just when things look like they’re back to normal with Juliette, Nick is called to investigate a flurry of rage-fueled assaults happening all over Portland. He goes to Monroe and Rosalee for help battling Portland’s newest wave of “undead.

Wednesday May 22:

MasterChef‘ (8pm ET on Fox) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Award-winning chef Gordon Ramsay, restaurateur Joe Bastianich and acclaimed chef Graham Elliot return to the ‘MasterChef’ judging panel. After a nationwide search, only the best home cooks – including an archaeologist, a high school gym teacher, a former pro-football player and a firefighter – were flown to Los Angeles for a chance to prepare their signature dishes and present them to the judges.

The Middle‘ (8pm ET on ABC) **Season Finale** Record Now

As graduation day approaches, tension begins to build between Frankie and Axl when he ignores her requests for answers about the graduation party she’s planning for his special day. Meanwhile, Sue hopes that the sixth time’s the charm as she once again attempts to pass her driver’s test.

Law & Order SVU‘ (9pm ET on NBC) **Season Finale** Record Now

After making a seemingly routine arrest of a man exposing himself in Central Park, Detective Rollins has a bad feeling about the suspect and calls upon the entire SVU squad and ADA Barba to help. With no way to discover the suspect’s true identity, he masterfully outplays them at every turn. A shocking theory comes to light, and as Barba’s trial comes to a close, the situation rapidly escalates and Detective Benson is put into mortal danger.

Modern Family‘ (9pm ET on ABC) **Season Finale** Record Now

Everyone flies down to Florida to be with Phil after his mom’s passing. Claire helps Phil with Gracie’s last wish for Frank, and the kids reflect on the gifts grandma left for them. Gloria has to contend with an outstanding arrest warrant in Florida, Cam finds himself fitting right into an elderly women’s group at Frank’s retirement community, and Jay runs into a pivotal person from his past.

Chicago Fire‘ (10pm ET on NBC) **Season Finale** Record Now

When a call comes in from the Cook County jail, the squad steps into a volatile predicament and are tasked with trying to defuse an escalating situation. Shay  remains hopeful about her baby dreams and Hermann’s wife Cindy (guest star Robyn Coffin) goes into labor with their fifth child.

Thursday May 23:

Does Someone Have to Go?‘ (9pm ET on Fox) **Series Premiere** Record Now

On this new unscripted workplace experiment, the boardroom doors get blown wide open when employees are given the power to make some tough decisions. Frustrated bosses will hand over the reins of their companies to the employees, offering their respective staffs a chance to make changes in the workplace – even if it means letting co-workers go. Almost every office across the country has some level of dysfunction, which often can be attributed to just a few select individuals – those co-workers who might be viewed as anything from lazy to incompetent to quite simply having a toxic personality that poisons the entire workplace. The difficult part for the employees is that, most of the time, the boss isn’t even aware of how bad the problem is, and the only person who can do anything about it IS the boss. That is, until now.

Rookie Blue‘ (10pm ET on ABC) **Season Premiere** Record Now

A group of young and ambitious rookie cops continue to navigate the emotional trials and tribulations of their professional and personal lives. After three years on the job, these rookies are well on their way to becoming experienced officers, but at what cost? It’s been six months since Andy McNally and Nick Collins left for their undercover operation. But while they were gone, everything seems to have changed at 15 Division.

Sunday May 26:

Behind the Candelabra‘ (9pm on HBO) **Special** Record Now

Starring Academy Award winners Michael Douglas and Matt Damon, this drama takes a behind-the-scenes look at the tempestuous relationship between legendary entertainer Liberace and Scott Thorson, his younger live-in lover. Directed by Academy Award winner Steven Soderbergh from a script by Oscar nominee Richard LaGravenese, the film is executive produced by Emmy winner Jerry Weintraub

Smash‘ (9pm ET on NBC) **Series Finale** Record Now

t’s a crucial moment for both shows as Tony nominations loom, but keeping your eye on the prize can be hard. As Tom crosses an influential Tony voter and Ivy  copes with some very distracting news, Derek’s (Jack Davenport) past has repercussions for the entire “Hit List” team.

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