Gung-Ho ‘Today’ Co-Hosts Eat Grasshopper Tacos: Watch

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The folks at NBC’s “Today” show are apparently willing to do just about anything in their quest to reclaim the top spot in the morning television ratings from ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

They’ll even get together for a “Breakfast of bugs” — which is what co-host Willie Geist called it when he and three others agreed to eat grasshopper tacos the other day.

The idea seemed to originate with Al Roker (come to think of it, a lot of the food ideas on “Today” come from Al!), who said he was inspired by a United Nations initiative aimed at increasing the popularity of insects as a basic food source. Supposedly, bugs could be a rich source of protein for the protein-deprived — if they can get used to the idea of eating them, that is!

Toward that end, Roker and Geist were joined by news anchor Natalie Morales and guest co-host Alex Wagner of MSNBC to put some grasshopper tacos to a taste-test. The ‘hoppers were lightly sauteed and placed inside a soft taco shell with guacomole.

How’d the grasshopper tacos taste? “It’s almost as good as a bowlful of grub worms!” declared Wagner. For the rest of the participants’ opinions, watch the clip, above.

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