What’s Next for ‘American Idol’ Winner Candice Glover?

"American Idol" winner Candice Glover. (CR: Michael Becker/FOX)

Third time was a charm for Candice Glover, the newly crowned “American Idol” winner, who auditioned three times before becoming a finalist.

Going through the process was difficult for her each time, and yet she continued to return year after year.

“I definitely was hurt and broken-hearted when I got cut,” Candice said. “I’d always say no, but then I’d find myself looking at auditions again online.”

Between her last try and her audition for Season 12, Candice said she studied various musical genres. She also “focused on being myself more, being different and not worrying about being accepted.”

“This time,” she said, “I was confident and it worked out.”

The other difference, she said, was embracing her unique ideas, like doing a Drake song.

“I’ve learned that I am very, very different, and some of the ideas I have are really odd to some people,” she said. “In the previous seasons I fell short because I was worried. But this year I finally realized that I’m different and I need to embrace it.”

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Candice’s debut album will come out just two weeks after the “American Idol” tour begins this summer, and she is already listening to some new songs that she might record, during late night sessions in between everything else.

“I’m focusing on not being put in a box,” she said of the album’s genre. Her new single, “I Am Beautiful,” combines both R&B and pop.

“I know pop is something nobody expected me to do ever,” she said. “I just want to keep that unexpected aspect going.”

Candice described herself as shy, and said being in the spotlight was difficult for her.

“You had all these bubbly people being so fun, and you’re more laid-back,” she said. “I think (the show) definitely brought me out of my shell a little bit.”

Candice also had to overcome some of the negative feedback being written about her. “Reading online is poisonous,” she said. “Seeing that stuff, all it did was push me to do better the next week.”

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During her “Idol” journey, Candice got to meet many of her own idols, including Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin (via video), Drake and Paula Abdul. Those encounters were her favorite parts of the show, she said.

On the finale, Candice sang a duet with Jennifer Hudson, which, she said, made her “so nervous and so scared.”

Candice also said she connected most, among the judges, with Randy Jackson, because he had seen her audition three times, and got to see her grow. “I definitely looked forward to his opinion,” she said, “as well as Mariah Carey’s, because she knows what it’s like and she’s been doing this forever.”

Now that she’s been crowned the victor, does Candice have any splurges she’d like to make? “Well, I got a car,” she said. “I’ll probably just pay my bills.”

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