Actors on Last Season of ‘Dexter’: ‘Anyone Can Die’

by | May 21, 2013 at 9:27 PM | Dexter, General

Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall of "Dexter" (Photo: Showtime)

With one last season to go, actors from Showtime’s hit series “Dexter” aren’t being shy about the creative freedoms available to them with only one chapter to go. In fact, they’re promoting it.

Showtime released a new “Dexter” Season 8 behind-the-scenes video that explores the upcoming season and Deb unsuccessfully coming to terms with La Guerta’s murder in last season’s finale.

“Deborah is hitting a low point… searching for her bottom,” said Jennifer Carpenter, who plays Deb Morgan on the show. The video shows her character high on drugs, sleeping around and getting arrested for a DUI as guilt swallows her conciousness. The clip also teases that a confession may be in order.

The new season will take place six months after La Guerta’s murder.

“Anything goes this season, said Aimee Garcia, who plays Jamie Batista. “There’s no safe zone. Anyone can die, and anything can happen.”

Meanwhile, Michael C. Hall who plays Dexter, painted an ominous picture of his character’s fate.

“This season is about what Dexter is going to leave behind.” said Hall. “I have no idea how fans will react, hopefully they’ll be leaning forward, and compelled by the story, but I imagine there will be a spectrum of experience.”

The final season of “Dexter” returns to Showtime on Sunday, June 30 at 9pm.

Here’s the video…