‘DWTS’ Finale Backstage Drama: Val Bleeds, Jacoby Fumes

"DWTS": Val Chmerkovskiy bleeds after accidentally getting hit in the eye by his partner Zendaya (Photo: ABC)

There was more drama at “Dancing with the Stars” after the show than on camera on Monday night for finalists Jacoby Jones and Val Chmerkovskiy!

NFL player Jacoby Jones, who received the lowest cumulative score of the night for his three dances, was so upset about his poor showing that he didn’t complete the traditional post-show press interviews with partner Karina Smirnoff. After talking to just a few media outlets, Jacoby was gone! He retreated to his “DWTS” trailer with loyal Karina by his side while the rest of the stars and their partners talked to reporters.

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Meanwhile, Zendaya Coleman’s pro partner Val, who was hurt by the Disney teen’s flying elbow in dress rehearsal just a half hour before Monday night’s show, got ready to rush to the hospital right after “DWTS” was over. As “DWTS” viewers saw, Val courageously guided Zendaya through their three dances despite a bloody gash on his right eye lid. But after the show, he badly needed medical care.

“It’s a very deep cut,” Val told xfinityTV. “I’m going to need some stitches but I’m a man. This is what men do. They take hits to the face and handle it with ease. So I’m going to get stitches now real quick!”

But Val admitted that “DWTS” bigwigs pressured him to get a replacement dancer to perform with Zendaya.

“They were worried about my sight. She split my eye lid but when producers asked who can learn my choreography, I was like, ‘Are you crazy? Nobody! I’m dancing no matter what. I’ll dance bleeding.'”

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In fact, Val, whose freestyle with Zendaya included dancing children as extras, said, “I continued that dress rehearsal to the end. Poor kids had to see me. The kids were like, ‘You got some blood on me!’ I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I’m sorry!’ The kids see me with half my face [covered] in blood. So I felt bad for the kids but otherwise, there’s no way I wasn’t dancing tonight — no way!”

“I was worried when it happened,” Zendaya confided to reporters about her determined partner. “I can see the blood. I don’t think he could see that he was covered in blood and it was gushing out and every time I looked over, there was more. It stressed me out but he just kept smiling and I know that means keep going. I’ve definitely learned from this and he’s a champ.”

But to make matters worse for the couple, who scored higher than any other on Monday night, Zendaya was recovering from strep throat. “I’m on a lot of antibiotics, lots of shots and medications,” the 16-year-old actress laughed. But they pulled it together to score 65 points out of 65 for the samba, cha cha, and their freestyle in a flawless night.

“I didn’t really think about how hard it is,” Val shrugged. “You gotta keep it moving. It’s not my show; it’s not a show about my injuries, it’s a show about her journey and her dancing. I just try to patch it up and keep it moving and try not to spend too much time talking about it.” But Val smiled, “I know there’s a big bandage on my face!”

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