‘DWTS’: Kellie Pickler’s Husband Gives Her Puppy After Emotional Freestyle

"DWTS": Kellie Pickler and Derek Hough (Photo: ABC)

Dancing with the Stars” finalist Kellie Pickler got a touching gift after her stunning freestyle with partner Derek Hough on Monday night—her real-life partner, husband Kyle Jacobs, gave her the puppy she’d been wanting.

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“I got a little surprise after the show,” Kellie smiled to xfinityTV backstage after receiving a perfect 30 score for her final dance of the night. “We were sitting out there on the dance floor after everything was over and [Kyle] comes over and he’s carrying this little bag and he opens it and there’s this little Maltese in there and I was like, ‘What’s this?’ And he’s like, ‘It’s for you.’ I was like ‘Awww!'”

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Kellie said when she was helping out at a recent charity event, she had seen a Maltese puppy there she had taken onstage to be auctioned off. “I was looking at my husband [in the audience], like, ‘You better raise that paddle! I want this puppy!’ And he DIDN’T!”

But Kyle, who was teary-eyed in the “DWTS” audience after Kellie and Derek brought the house down with their lyrical freestyle, made it up to his wife. The country singer said although Kyle didn’t get her the same dog from the auction, he found her another Maltese to make her own. She hasn’t named it yet, but her dance partner, Derek, jokingly said Kellie should name the dog after him!

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It was the perfect capper for Kellie’s night to remember and she tried to explain to reporters how she pulled off the dance everyone was talking about. “There’s a lot of dances where you’re acting, you’re playing a character,” she said. “But tonight, for the freestyle, it didn’t feel like I was playing a character. I was myself. I was me. I wasn’t playing the part. There was no part of it at all where my soul wasn’t completely attached.

“There were no walls up. I just went out there and it was like, I’m just going to be me and hopefully people like it and if they don’t, there’s nothing I can do about it. I lost myself in the dance. I know I sound crazy but there was so much freedom that I felt,” Kellie said.

The Season 16 “DWTS” champ will be revealed Tuesday night on ABC!

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