FX Says Yes to Sitcom With Billy Crystal as Aging Comedian

The one and only Billy Crystal (Photo: Getty Images)

Billy Crystal will star in, and co-write, a pilot for a prospective FX comedy series titled “The Comedians.”

The news is being reported in various places on Wednesday — including here on the Deadline.com Web site — but it was also confirmed for XfinityTV by the folks at FX.

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This new show comes with not one, but two comedy legends: The other one is Larry Charles, the bearded, enigmatic director of numerous “Seinfeld” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episodes, as well as the Sacha Baron Cohen movies “Borat,” “Bruno” and “The Dictator.”

Charles will direct the FX pilot and also co-write and co-produce it with Crystal and Matt Nix, a show-runner who is best known for USA Network’s “Burn Notice,” now set to begin its final season.

In “The Comedians,” Crystal, 65, will play an aging comedian who is paired with a younger, hipper comic for a TV comedy sketch show in which the two will co-star. One assumes the premise could be described as a comedians’ “Odd Couple.”

Crystal hasn’t turned to TV for work in about 30 years, having spent the bulk of his career making movies and hosting The Oscars.

Whether “The Comedians” eventually becomes a series depends on how the pilot turns out. No decision has yet been made on that.

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