Bret Michaels Hits the Road with New Passion Project: Travel Channel’s ‘Rock My RV’

Bret Michaels in "Rock My RV" (Travel Channel)

Bret Michaels first found fame as the lead singer of glam, metal band Poison, but more recently, he has become a fixture on reality television. He famously was “hired” by Donald Trump as the winner of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” searched for his soulmate on “Rock of Love with Bret Michaels,” and served as a judge on “Nashville Star.” Now he is back with an all-new unscripted Travel Channel series that he calls a “passion project,” “Rock My RV with Bret Michaels,” premiering this Sunday, May 26.

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“Rock My RV” introduces a whole new side to Michaels. Who knew he was a hands-on RV aficionado, who has logged millions of miles and is the ultimate road dog?

In this 16-episode series, Michaels, along with a skilled design team, gets down and dirty to transform one dilapidated RV per episode into the most hooked-up, state-of-the-art motor coaches on the road.

“I’ve wanted to do this for a while, but you have to find the right co-producers, you have to find the right channel,” says Michaels, who claims to spend a minimum nine months of the year on the road.

Michaels’ “traveling jones,” as he calls it, began as a child, when he and his family took camping trips. But even when he was home in Western Pennsylvania, he says he and his sisters Michelle and Nicole would hang out in the RV when it was parked in their driveway.

Preview “Rock My RV”:

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Then, when he and his band began to tour, they initially traveled to their dates in an old Ford Econoline, and as their fortunes improved, so did the wheels. They moved up to custom-built Prevost tour buses.

So Michaels is taking all of his years of experience and lending his expertise to others to maximize the usefulness of their RVs. And along the way, he may just bring sexy to recreational vehicles.

“I just want to make sure that on this show one of the most important things that I do is that the story about the people that own these RVs is not a backstory,” he says. “I said it’s going to be the front story and then have the mechanics of how we actually achieve it.”

Which means that Michaels is going to consult with the owners of the RVs to find out how they plan to use it: Will it be for personal recreation? Are they going to live in it? Or are they looking to become an entrepreneur and possibly rent it out?

“I’m there to fulfill their dream of what they want to do,” he says. “There’s really this phenomenal, unbelievable thing that’s happening with people as they’ve discovered that as much as we love modern technology, we need to be out on that open road. There is so much to see, it is truly an adventure and I really encourage people to go out there and do it.”

That said, there are challenges that have to be addressed as Michaels and the team approach the redesign of each RV, keeping in mind the goal is to make it fun and functional.

“Everyone wants four slide outs; they want more room; they want storage; and the bigger bed,” he says. “The first thing I have to do with most of these is look at the structure, the rust factor, what we can and can’t do and most important is weight. You can’t put too much weight on this thing, or it could be quite dangerous. My job is to make it be able to go wherever they want it — under any bridge, any beach, any side of a mountain.”

Today, Michaels continues to follow the open road set by his parents, and takes his own kids in a RV to places as varied as Pismo Beach and Idaho, taking along their bikes and ATVs, so they really can get out and see the country. In that regard, Michaels is hoping “Rock My RV” will show that the open road is for any generation.

“I know that a lot of people when they reach a certain age they decide, ‘Look we’re retiring. We want to get in these and go.’ And I think that’s great. That’s awesome. But I also think there’s so many people that go out like I do. Whether they’re weekend warriors, or they want to spend the summer traveling, I don’t believe there’s an age on it.”

“Rock My RV” will be complemented by an online contest, “Rock My RV with Bret Michaels: Epic RV Giveaway Contest,” in which one lucky viewer will have the opportunity to win their very own custom-built RV designed by Michaels. From June through July, fans can submit their video entry through, and the winner will be revealed as part of the show’s one-hour finale. More entry details to follow this summer when the contest officially launches.

“Rock My RV with Bret Michaels” premieres Sunday, May 26 at 9/8c  on Travel Channel with back-to-back episodes.

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