Is ‘Xena’ Heading Back to Television?

Lucy Lawless as "Xena" (Getty Images Entertainment)

Sure, its been over a decade since “Xena: Warrior Princess” wandered the Earth on the television screen, but that doesn’t mean she is forgotten. In fact, fans of the show seem to be thriving.

Now, actress Lucy Lawless, who played the heroine, is riling up the fanbase. She tweeted that while the series ended with Xena’s death, there my be life in a new project yet.

“Had an interesting call from a chap who wants to re-invigorate the #Xena brand. You guys may have started something.” she wrote, before adding “But there’s a lot of red tape around #XWP so don’t get your knickers in a twist. It may come back in a different form.”

Although fans and actors on the show both wanted a revival of the series, legal difficulties had prevented that from happening.

“The whole trouble with it was there was some sort of glitch in the paperwork in ownership,” Lawless told The Huffington Post last year. “The movie company doesn’t own all the rights to it and they don’t want to share, so — it’s just kind of gone sour for all these years. I shouldn’t say they don’t want to share, but there’s not enough in it for them if they have to share the rights with somebody else. By the time somebody realizes it’s a completely wasted franchise and they should reinvigorate it, I’m too old to play her.”

But if there has been a breakthrough, Lawless seems to be on board.

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