Bruce Jenner ‘Manhandles’ Fallon Over Face Jokes: Watch

Bruce Jenner (left) with Jimmy Fallon on NBC's "Late Night" on Tuesday (Photo: NBC)

Rare are the occasions when a target of frequent late-night jokes gets to confront his tormentor in person and on TV, but Bruce Jenner went right after Jimmy Fallon on Fallon’s show Tuesday night.

By Fallon’s own admission, Jenner “manhandled” the NBC “Late Night” host for their entire segment together. The issue: Fallon’s occasional jokes about the transformations undergone over the years by Jenner’s face, apparently from a series of facelifts.

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As Jenner himself noted on Fallon’s show, all the late-night comedians have made jokes at his expense over the years.

But a joke Jenner caught late one night while watching the “Fallon” show on an English-language TV channel in Germany last summer irritated him so much that he confronted Fallon about it when the two came face to face in London a week later during NBC’s coverage of the Olympics.

The joke had something to do with Jenner being unable to blink as a result of his plastic surgeries. Fallon first told the story about Jenner confronting him in London when Fallon appeared last September on David Letterman’s “Late Show” on CBS.

Jenner told the same story, from his point of view, on “Fallon” Tuesday night.

Watch Part One of Jenner on “Late Night”:
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What we really liked about this Jenner appearance on “Fallon”: The way Jenner, 63, just took over the segment — which is why Fallon felt he’d been “manhandled” by the time the segment was over. It was a side of Jenner we don’t see that often. The mild-mannered Dad from “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” was more like the hard-charging Olympian who won a decathlon Gold Medal in 1976.

“The late night-comedians certainly have had a lot of fun throughout the years — all of them — with the ‘old face’ jokes,” Jenner said at the outset of the interview. “I mean, I’m not trying to hide anything! I had [one of the procedures] done on-camera on our show!

“You guys go out there and what you wind up doing [is] you wind up taking the absolute worst picture of me to prove the point … and then you put it on the air and you make your jokes, like this picture right here,” Jenner said, indicating a photo of himself that was then shown — a photo that wasn’t very unflattering, actually. But then, he showed a series of unflattering photos of Fallon.

He also noted that he and his celebrity family are understandably thick-skinned from their years in the reality-TV and tabloid spotlights. “I’m from the Kardashians,” Jenner said. “We can take anything. We’re invincible.”

Watch Part Two of Bruce Jenner on “Late Night”:
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It was in Part Two of their interview, above, that Jenner told the story of his confrontation with Fallon in London, after Jenner had just watched that Fallon monologue in his hotel room in Germany. And Jenner admitted that the confrontation was angry.

“You were such a wimp!” Jenner told Fallon on “Late Night” — giving his description of Fallon’s demeanor when Jenner, who towers over Fallon, confronted him in London.

When the “Late Night” interview was over, Jenner said, “I think we bonded.”

Fallon, who seemed visibly exhausted by Jenner’s non-stop energy, didn’t quite see it that way. “You basically manhandled me the whole interview!” Fallon said.

“That was my intention,” Jenner said.

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