‘Game of Thrones’ Author Discusses the Red Wedding and Killing Characters

George R.R. Martin on the set of Game of Thrones (HBO)

It was the most-talked about wedding of the year, but for all the wrong reasons.

Now, “Game of Thrones” author George R.R. Martin is making no apologies for the most recent episode of the HBO hit series that left fans utterly stunned.

Of course, readers of the books knew what was coming as Martin actually wrote the “Red Wedding” years ago for his “A Song of Ice & Fire” series. Nevertheless, the bulk of the show’s viewers had no clue what was about to happen.

Conan O’Brien put Martin on the spot after he visited the set of “Conan” this week, and asked Martin directly about the heartbreaking sequence. “It melted people’s minds,” O’Brien said, before calling the author a “sick bastard” for making fans fall in love with characters and then killing them off.

“I always like unexpected things, and I always like the suspense to be real,” Martin responded. “We’ve all seen the movies where is character is in trouble but you know he’s going to get away because he’s the hero. You don’t really feel any fear for him. I want my readers and I want my viewers to be afraid when my characters are in danger. I want them to be afraid to turn the next page, because their next character may not survive it.”

He did admit, however, that now that actors careers were cut short due to their predetermined fates in the books, it was more difficult to kill characters off.

The season finale of “Game of Thrones” runs this Sunday at 9pm on HBO.

Until then, here’s the clip…

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