Trayvon Martin’s Grieving Mom on ‘The View’: Watch

Sherri Shepherd (left) interviews Sybrina Martin, mother of Trayvon Martin, on "The View" on Friday (Photo: ABC)

On the eve of the trial of her son’s killer, brave Sybrina Martin made the trek from Florida to New York to appear on “The View” on Friday.

Accompanied by her family’s attorney, Benjamin Crump, Martin came on the show — and conducted several other media interviews, including one with the New York Times — to press her quest for justice in the murder of her son, Trayvon Martin.

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Trayvon was 17 when he was shot to death in February 2012 in Sanford, Fla., by George Zimmerman, then 28. Trayvon’s mother is making the media rounds because Zimmerman goes on trial for the shooting on Monday (June 10).

Zimmerman has never denied he shot Trayvon. But he has long insisted that he shot the youth in self-defense while scuffling with him. Zimmerman was apparently on patrol as a member of his community’s Neighborhood Watch when he encountered Martin and the two became engaged in a physical encounter.

But the nature of the encounter, and Zimmerman’s reasons for resorting to deadly force to subdue the 17-year-old, will be at the heart of his trial. The case has drawn national attention, with observers divided between those who lean toward agreeing with Zimmerman’s self-defense scenario and others who say Zimmerman’s reasons for confronting Martin in the first place were racially motivated.

Needless to say, Trayvon’s mother is still grieving, and she’s doing interviews, in part, to uphold the image of her son, who she says was just a good kid, a teen who had just turned 17, who was doing nothing more than minding his own business when he encountered Zimmerman. And now she is seeking justice.

Here’s what Trayvon’s mother had to say about the case on “The View,” in two parts:
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