Two Coaches Go Down in ‘The Voice’

Amber Carrington, Danielle Bradbery on "The Voice" (NBC)

In one fell swoop, two coaches on “The Voice” are out of the game.

In the semifinals elimination, shrinking the Top 5 to the Top 3, we said goodbye to Team Adam’s Amber Carrington and Team Shakira’s Sasha Allen, and thus to two coaches—one newbie, and one who won the first season of the show.

Heading in to next week’s finale, Team Blake’s Danielle Bradbery and Swon Brothers will face off against Team Usher’s Michelle Chamuel.

It’s fitting that the two remaining coaches sit next to one another. As Usher told Carson Daly during their mid-show chat, “The more time I spend next to this guy,” meaning Blake Shelton, “I’m figuring it out.”

Blake is, of course, the reigning champ the last two seasons, and with two contestants in the Top 3, he’s likely going to snag his third consecutive win. Blake’s strategy? He says it’s just pure luck that he gets to work with Danielle Bradbery and the Swon Brothers. “I’m just the drunk that tries to stay out of their way,” he told Carson.

Meanwhile, over on Team Usher, Michelle Chamuel is “medicine for our country, for our world,” Usher said.

To remind us what happens when come in second-fourth place, last season’s Nicholas David, Tony Lucca and Terry McDermott dropped by to play us their new singles.

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Nicholas David, so sweaty in his layers upon layers of bear and scarf and hat and blazer and vest, delivered a catchy guitar-driven tune called “Say Goodbye,” that already sounds like something we all know and love.

Tony Lucca hopped on the anthemic chorus bandwagon with “Never Gonna Let You Go,” that winds up doing this for a while: “Oh oh ohhhh oh, Oh oh ohhhh oh, Oh oh ooh oh oh.” He’s going on tour with Maroon 5 this summer; not bad for someone who favors sounds over words.

(Also doing the extended “ohhhhs” tonight was Fall Out Boy, with new single “My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark.”)

Terry McDermott came to do his single, “Pictures,” for which the hyperliteral set designer made a darkroom. This song, too, was catchy, though I couldn’t understand what he was saying, though it sounded a lot like, “I feel like a Girl Scout.”

As for other necessary segments: The Confessional was back! It took a break last week for tornado related sadness. But tonight was all about the coaches, though Blake undermined it all at the start, saying, “These things are ridiculous.” We learned that: Usher dances, Adam has tattoos, Blake laughs, and Shakira has hips. Amazing!

Another necessity, though I can’t understand why: an awkward moment with Christina Milian! This time she has Michelle up in her skybox shortly after Michelle is sent to safety. They chat, Michelle says she’s in shock, all is well, and then inexplicably, Christina gets kind of winky/creepy and says, “Well I’m looking forward to seeing what you do next week,” and then butt bumps her. The best, of course, is Carson’s follow-ups to whatever happens in that skybox. Tonight, with lots of pep: “Well done! Thank you very much!” Followed by some inaudible grumbling.

All five remaining contestants got together to sing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” and Big Swon’s voice really carried it through the whole thing, gotta hand it to him.

Finally, results. Michelle was the first saved, earlier in the show. Next was Danielle. The final call came down to the three that I would have liked to see be in the finals next week: Swon, Amber and Sasha. And the last safe act was Swon.

So what will it be? Deep-squatting medicine, bland/blonde country youth or a classic country duo? Odds alone favor one of Blake’s two. Then again, nobody has tapped into the anti-bullying feel-good-about-being-different market like Michelle, and if Danielle and Swon split the country vote, the former Ella Riot lead singer could be our winner.

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