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'Call the Midwife' (BBC Home Entertainment)

Call the Midwife

Based on the best-selling memoirs by Jennifer Worth, the critically acclaimed BBC series ‘Call the Midwifetells the fascinating story of Jenny Lee (Jessica Raine, Doctor Who, The Woman In Black), a young midwife in 1950s London’s working class East End, as she provides the poorest women with the best possible care. This season continues to follow Jenny and the rest of the Poplar neighborhood’s exceptional midwives and nursing nuns as they face new challenges and traumas, including a strange woman dressed in rags, an abandoned baby, and the introduction of a new pain-killer, gas, which proves such a hit that all the women want some. A fascinating portrayal of birth, life, death and a community on the brink of huge social change, ‘Call the Midwife’ offers a gripping insight into a way of life that is so drastically different from how we live now. Bonus Features include: 2012 Christmas Special, as well as interviews with the cast and crew. Buy the Season 2 Blu-ray right here.

Jack the Giant Slayer

Jack the Giant Slayer‘ tells the story of an ancient war that is reignited when a young farmhand unwittingly opens a gateway between our world and a fearsome race of giants. Acclaimed filmmaker Bryan Singer directs the family adventure ‘Jack the Giant Slayer,’ starring Nicholas Hoult as Jack. The film also stars Eleanor Tomlinson as Princess Isabelle; Stanley Tucci as the deceitful Roderick; Ian McShane as Isabelle’s father, the besieged King Brahmwell; Bill Nighy as General Fallon, the ferocious two-headed leader of the giant army; and Ewan McGregor as the loyal knight Elmont. The Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack features the theatrical version of the film in 3D hi-definition, hi-definition and standard definition; the Blu-ray Combo Pack features the theatrical version of the film in hi-definition on Blu-ray; and the DVD features the theatrical version in standard definition. The Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack and the single disc DVD include UltraViolet which allows consumers to download and instantly stream the standard definition theatrical version of the film to a wide range of devices including computers and compatible tablets, smartphones, game consoles, Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players. Unleashed on the Earth for the first time in centuries, the giants strive to reclaim the land they once lost, forcing the young man, Jack into the battle of his life to stop them. Fighting for a kingdom, its people and the love of a brave princess, he comes face to face with the unstoppable warriors he thought only existed in legend— and gets the chance to become a legend himself. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

The Newsroom

Created by Aaron Sorkin (Academy Award winner for writing The Social Network, executive producer and writer of the multiple Emmy winner The West Wing), the new HBO drama ‘The Newsroom‘ follows the ACN news team on their quixotic mission to reclaim the legacy of Murrow and Cronkite in the face of a fickle audience, corporate mandates and tangled personal relationships. The first season was nominated for two Golden Globe awards – Best Television Series Drama and Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series (Jeff Daniels) is now available on Blu-ray with HBO Select and Digital Download. Both sets include the full 10-episode season, along with extensive bonus materials including exclusive interviews and never-before-seen content. A favorite with viewers, news anchor Will McAvoy has found a safe niche with bankable ratings on his 8:00 p.m. flagship cable show, “News Night.” Numbed by success, McAvoy has become stoic, complacent and cynical, content not to rock the boat as he delivers the nightly news straight down the middle of the road. In a literal blink of an eye, McAvoy is catapulted from apathy to engagement when a spontaneous outburst leads him to tackle the principles of American patriotism in a public forum prompting his staff to jump ship. Setting the stage for Will’s return, his boss Charlie covertly orchestrates the hiring of his ex-girlfriend, MacKenzie McHale, as his new executive producer. With their shared past, she knows exactly how good he can be. Even more unsettling for him, she challenges Will to abandon the successful, middle-of-the-road approach that has made him so popular with both sides of the aisle, and realize his full potential by delivering the news with integrity. Buy the Season 1 Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

21 and Over

From the writers of ‘The Hangover’ comes ‘21 and Over,’ a movie 21 years in the making. Straight-A college student Jeff Chang (Justin Chon of the Twilight Saga) has always done what’s expected of him. But when his two best friends Casey (Skylar Astin of ‘Pitch Perfect,’ ‘Wreck-It Ralph’) and Miller (Miles Teller of The Spectacular Now,’ ‘Project X,’ ‘Rabbit Hole’) surprise him with a visit for his 21st birthday, he decides to do what’s unexpected for a change, even though his critical medical school interview is early the next morning. What was supposed to be one beer becomes one night of chaos, over indulgence and utter debauchery in this outrageous comedy. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

The Last Exorcism Part II

From producer Eli Roth (The Last Exorcism, Hostel series) and the producers of Dawn of the Dead comes the terrifying supernatural thriller ‘The Last Exorcism Part II,’ now available on unrated Blu-ray and DVD with UltraViolet. In this pulse-pounding sequel to 2010’s  horror hit ‘The Last Exorcism,’ the evil force that once possessed a young woman is back to prove that “the last exorcism” was only the beginning.   Ashley Bell returns as Nell, the role that earned her an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress and an MTV Movie Award nomination in the original film. This shiver-inducing follow up finds her back in the relative safety of civilization, living in the city of New Orleans.  Just as she begins the difficult process of starting a new life, the evil force that once possessed her is back with other, unimaginably horrific plans.  Co-starring in the film is Spencer Treat Clark (The Last House on the Left), Andrew Sensenig (I Love You, Philip Morris), Judd Lormand (The Hunger Games), Muse Watson (I Know What You Did Last Summer 1&2) and Julia Garner (The Perks of Being a Wallflower). The unrated Blu-ray and DVD features unseen footage too frightening for theatres, a commentary track with director Ed Gass-Donnelly and producer Eli Roth, and three featurettes, including Hair Salon Scare – The Last Exorcism Part II goes Viral, Nell’s Story and Shooting in New Orleans. Nell Sweetzer (Ashley Bell) is back in the relative safety of civilization and sent to live in a group home where she’s encouraged to leave her past behind and start a new life.  Just as Nell settles in, she is tormented by the seductive demonic presence that once possessed her.  She realizes that the evil force is back with unimaginably horrific plans which could only mean that her last exorcism was just the beginning. Buy the Blu-ray right here.

Drop Dead Diva

The fourth season of Drop Dead Diva,’ Sony Pictures Television’s comedy drama series airing on Lifetime is now available on DVD. Brooke Elliott stars as Jane Bingum, a shallow wannabe model who dies in a sudden accident only to resurface in the body of a recently deceased brilliant, yet shy attorney. The season also stars comedian Margaret Cho (‘Dancing with the Stars’), Jackson Hurst (Unforgettable’), Kate Levering (‘Cashmere Mafia’), April Bowlby (‘Two and a Half Men’), Lex Medlin, Carter MacIntyre (Private Practice’), and Josh Stamberg. ‘Drop Dead Diva’ Season 4 is now available on DVD for fans to catch up ahead of the show’s return for a fifth season this summer. The three-disc DVD set contains all 13 episodes, as well as outtakes and 14 deleted scenes. The season is full of guest appearances, including Nancy Grace, Star Jones, Jason Kennedy, Cameron Mathison, Kelly Osbourne, John Ratzenberger, Joan Rivers, athlete Serena Williams, Patty Duke, Valerie Harper, and many more. Josh Berman  is creator and executive producer of Drop Dead Diva,’ which is also executive produced by Craig Zadan and Neil Meron of Storyline Entertainment, as well as Robert J. Wilson (Space Jam) and Alex Taub (‘Hart of Dixie’). Buy the Season 4 DVD right here.


Elijah Wood and Jason Gann return for another fearlessly funny season of ‘Wilfred‘…the story of a dog and his man. Season two finds Ryan making a fresh start with a real job and a new girlfriend. But with Wilfred’s help, Ryan discovers he still has a lot to learn about life, including “squishy” viral videos and the on-going cuteness war between dogs and babies. Buy the Season 2 Blu-ray right here.


As the Sixties come to an end and a new decade begins, it’s business as usual for Inspector Lewis Erskine (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.) and the men and women of the FBI as they continue to protect America from enemies within, in this hard-hitting fifth season collection. Inspired by actual cases and produced with the personal support of J. Edgar Hoover, these 26 action-packed episodes find Erskine, Special Agent Tom Colby (William Reynolds) and assistant director Arthur Ward (Philip Abbott) on the hunt for murderers, kidnappers, bank robbers, hijackers, extortionists, communist spies and more. A showcase for veteran actors as well as the up-and-coming, Season Five of The FBI shines the spotlight on an arresting lineup of guest stars including Oscar winners Robert Duvall and Jeff Bridges, Hitchcock femmes Vera Miles and Laraine Day, Anne Francis, Sam Elliott, Jack Klugman, David Cassidy, Joe Don Baker, Cicely Tyson and Harrison Ford. Buy the Complete Season 5 DVD at

Body of Proof

In the exciting final season of ‘Body of Proof‘ things are hotter than ever as new characters are introduced and relationships are tested when Medical Examiner Megan Hunt uncovers a new murder mystery every week. The three-disc DVD set brings fans deeper into the series with exclusive bonus features including exclusive featurettes, bloopers and more. ‘Body of Proof’ stars Dana Delany as Megan Hunt, Jeri Ryan as Kate Murphy, Mark Valley as Tommy Sullivan, Geoffrey Arend as Ethan Gross, Windell Middlebrooks as Curtis Brumfield, Elyes Gabel as Adam Lucas and Mary Mouser as Lacey Fleming. Buy the Season 3 DVD right here.

The Jungle Book: The Adventures of Mowgli

Embark on the wildest of adventures – a thrilling journey based on the Rudyard Kipling classic. Join the young, wild Mowgli on his search of a village he can call home and meet the wacky, wonderful – and sometimes wily – jungle animals who tangle with him on his way. When young Mowgli finds himself alone in the heart of the jungle, he is adopted by the Seeonee Wolf Pack, befriended by the bear, Baloo…and hunted by the evil tiger, Shere Khan, who vows to destroy him. With the help of some jungle teachers, including the wise panther, Bagheera, Mowgli learns the secrets of the wild and the language of the land. He even outwits the riotous Bander-Log monkeys and wins over stealthy Kaa, the crafty Python! But it will take all of his wits to keep himself and his friends out of danger when the mighty Shere Khan returns. Packed with exciting adventure, lush, eye-catching animation and unforgettable animal friends, ‘The Jungle Book’ is an enchanting tale for creatures of all ages. Buy the complete collection right here.

Movie 43

You’ve never seen anything quite like ‘Movie 43‘…The year’s most outrageous and daringly original comedy, featuring the ultimate star-studded cast. No inappropriate storyline is off limits…including a “ballsy” blind date, a middle school “period” piece, and more. Please don’t sue us if you die laughing. Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

Night Court

Night Court’s ninth and final season sees Judge Harry (Harry Anderson) and company rethinking careers and companions, while Bull (Richard Moll) stumbles through the wedding china on his way to matrimonial bliss. It’s a good thing Bull has Harry, Mac (Charles Robinson), Roz (Marsha Warfield) , Christine (Markie Post) and even Dan (John Larroquette) on hand to get him to the altar on time. While Harry considers a career in higher education, Christine takes a look at Congress as Dan rethinks his commitment to his primary field of interest (it’s spelled S-E-X). Meanwhile ditzy-but-stunning court steno Lisette (Joleen Lutz) is harboring a secret of her own, one that concerns a prominent member of the cast. And what on Earth do aliens want with Bull? Mel Torme, Gilbert Gottfried, and Stephen Root are all found among the season’s memorable guest-stars. But as the final hour airs – and the cast depart for different climes, whither Judge Harry? Buy the Season 9 DVD at


Mixing the delicious drama of a soap with mysterious, supernatural elements, ‘Springhill, Series 1,’ now available on DVD. The series is created by Paul Abbott (Shameless, State of Play, Cracker) and Frank Cottrell Boyce, veterans of Britain’s Coronation Street, and buoyed by strong screenwriters including Russell T. Davies (Doctor Who, Queer as Folk). Springhill is like a cross between Twin Peaks and EastEnders as it follows the Freemans family’s shocking revelations and electrifying confrontations, with few taboos left untouched. Broadcast in 1996-1997 on the Sky One satellite channel and later on Channel 4 in the U.K., the program has not aired in the U.S. The DVD 4-Disc set contains the first 26 episodes. Liz and Jack Freeman have been happily married for almost two decades, tending to their Liverpool home and raising five boisterous children. But their lives are thrown into turmoil with the unwelcome arrival of Eva Morrigan, a vengeful woman who harbors the family’s darkest secrets. Eva is hell-bent on getting even with Liz, which drives the once-cheerful clan into chaos. Buy the Series 1 DVD right here.

Web Therapy

Fiona Wallice (Lisa Kudrow) is a therapist with little patience for her patients. Tired of hearing about people’s problems for fifty long minutes, she devises an innovative new treatment — the three-minute “therapeutic” video chat. In her estimation, the traditional version of therapy gives people too much leeway to talk about irrelevant things. By dramatically shortening session time, she hopes to get results more quickly. Unfortunately, the new, shorter sessions still end up being largely about her. Emmy Award winner Lisa Kudrow co-created, produces and stars in ‘Web Therapy,’ an outrageous therapeutic send-up. Originally produced as webisodes but now about to air its third season on Showtime this July, the ‘Web Therapy’ Season 2 DVD features an A-list guest cast including Meryl Streep, Conan O’Brien, Alan Cumming , David Schwimmer, Selma Blair, Rashida Jones, Rosie O’Donnell, Molly Shannon, Minnie Driver and many more, who, along with Kudrow, improvise their performances with hilarious results. The top-rate ensemble cast includes Victor Garber as Fiona’s husband, Kip, Lily Tomlin as her judgmental mother and Kudrow’s producing partner, actor Dan Bucatinsky, as Fiona’s assistant-turned-ghost writer. Bonus features include Deleted Scenes, a “Behind-the-Scenes” featurette, Director’s Cuts with Conan O’Brien and Meryl Streep and an Auto Tune Music Video. Buy the Season 2 DVD right here.

Women in Bondage

With her husband ordered to the Russian front, Margot Bracken (Gail Patrick) returns to Hitler’s Germany for the first time in 10 years. Appointed section leader of the local youth movement, she finds herself responsible for the Nazification of a group of teenaged girls. Bearing witness to mercy killings, suicides, torture and pagan baptisms, Margot seeks to stop the atrocities before the SS puts an end to both her and her plans. A lurid exposé of the Reich’s subjugation of women, Women in Bondage was one of Monogram’s more elaborate productions, featuring inventive direction by Steve Sekely (Hollow Triumph) and a stellar cast that included Patrick (My Favorite Wife), Nancy Kelly (The Bad Seed) and H.B. Warner (Lost Horizon). Retiring from the screen in 1948, Patrick would later gain fame as the executive producer of Perry Mason, one of the most successful and longest-running courtroom mystery series in television history. Buy the DVD at

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

Brace yourself for awesome action and legendary laughs in this fun-filled animated TV series based on the Academy Award-Nominated hit movie Kung Fu Panda. As the chosen Dragon Warrior and sworn protector of the Valley of Peace, Po the panda is highly skilled, ever vigilant and hungry for justice…and dumplings. Together with the Furious Five—Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Crane and Viper—Po must fend off fierce villains, including an evil version of himself (courtesy of the Mystical Mirror of Yin and Yang) and the toothy Croc Bandits. Buy the Good Croc, Bad Croc DVD right here.

Understanding Art: Hidden Lives of Masterpieces

Available to U.S. audiences for the first time with this DVD release and offering an entertaining and accessible look into the fascinating histories of the world’s masterpieces, ‘Understanding Art: Hidden Lives of Masterpieces,’ now available on DVD. This exceptional series documents the Louvre’s study days, in which works by major artists were collected, removed from their frames, and set on easels, replicating the feel of an artist’s studio. Curators, historians, restorers, and scientists from around the world came to examine and discuss them in total freedom. Looking through their eyes and listening in on their conversations, we observe the restorations, repairs, and often capricious changes made over the centuries. Featuring expert commentary and engaging animations to explain and simplify complex language and concepts, the documentary showcases the works of Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Watteau, and Poussin. The DVD 2-Disc set includes five episodes, plus bonus 16-page booklet. From up close, we see the faint lines where the artist changed his mind, witness how time has ravaged the canvases, and debate the evidence that a master painted a particular work.  By revealing what isn’t meant to be seen, this fascinating series shows that art is more than meets the eye. Buy the DVD right here.

The Painted Veil

One year after 1933’s Queen Christina, Greta Garbo again portrays a heroine faced with irrevocable choices. She plays Katrin in The Painted Veil, an exotic love triangle loosely based on W. Somerset Maugham’s novel. The story unfolds in China, where Katrin’s marriage to busy M.D. Walter Fane (Herbert Marshall) is in trouble. Lonely and neglected, Katrin falls in love with diplomatic attaché Jack Townsend (George Brent). When Walter discovers the affair, he takes Katrin inland to fight a cholera epidemic, maliciously thinking the disease will kill them both. But working together helps rebuild their marriage… until Townsend resurfaces. Now Katrin must choose. MGM backed The Painted Veil with a then-opulent $1 million budget, but the real attraction remains Garbo and her incomparable mystique. Buy the DVD at

Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated

Those meddling kids and their lovable dog are back to close the final chapter of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Inc., with the release of the final 13 episodes of the hit Cartoon Network series on DVD. The latest incarnation of the popular Scooby-Doo! franchise, Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated follows teenage pals Daphne, Fred, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo as they investigate strange happenings in their hometown of Crystal Cove. Titled Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Season 2 Part 2: Spooky Stampede, this DVD release features the show’s last 13 episodes. Crystal Cove, the most “hauntedest” place on earth is about to get creepier! Join Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Daphne, Fred and Velma in a set of all-new adventures as they continue their thrilling and terrifying tour of their hometown in the final episodes of Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated.  As the series draws to a close, the gang races against time, encounters sinister creatures and competes with other interested parties in order to solve the long buried secrets of their hometown. The sleuthing teens are also faced with having to solve one of their greatest mysteries yet – saving Earth from destruction! Viewers won’t hesitate to jump into the Mystery Machine for one wild ride after another along with Scooby-Doo and the rest of the Mystery Inc. gang in this must-own double disc set. Buy the Season 2: Part 2 Spooky Stampede DVD right here.

The Wild West

Toby Stephens (Die Another Day), Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones) and David Leon (RocknRolla) star in this action-packed mini-series, revealing the real stories behind three of the West’s most famous figures. Was General Custer little more than an inept, vain man? Was Wyatt Earp a hero at the O.K. Corral, or a villain? Did Billy the Kid deserve his sentence of execution? Audiences have been captivated by the Wild West and its thrilling tales of heroism and triumph over adversity. But where does truth separate from fiction in these legendary stories? Blending fast-paced drama with the latest archaeological, forensic and ballistic research, this series brings the truth to life. Buy the DVD right here.

The Reformer and the Redhead

The reformer is Andrew Rockton Hale (Dick Powell), running for mayor on a good-government platform. The redhead is Kathleen Maguire (June Allyson), a zoo superintendent’s daughter who keeps a full-grown lion as a house cat. When a corrupt party boss unjustly bounces Maguire’s father from his job, the two become political – and romantic – partners, despite Hale’s misgivings about hanging around 500 pounds of feline. And that’s before a different lion escapes from the zoo, and Hale confuses the predator for the pet! Real-life marrieds Powell and Allyson bring sparkling chemistry to this fast-paced farce. The Reformer and the Redhead is produced, directed and scripted by one of the most talented teams in comedy-film history: Norman Panama and Melvin Frank, the duo whose writing credits include Monsieur Beaucaire, Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House and The Court Jester, among other all-time favorites. Buy the DVD at

The Decks Ran Red

Danger and suspense sail the high seas in this nautical thriller that some commentators call uncommonly fierce for its time. James Mason portrays Capt. Edwin Rummill, eager to prove himself after being made a ship’s captain for the first time in his career. One of his earliest decisions has a troublesome impact on his freighter’s voyage from New Zealand – he allows the alluring wife of the ship’s cook to sail with the otherwise all-male crew. More tensions also take shape. Crewmembers launch a violent mutiny that will leave many men dead and survivors adrift in a lifeboat, including one who comes up with a desperate plan to reboard and retake the ship: Rummill. As the mutineer mastermind, Broderick Crawford gives a psychotic fervor to his portrayal. And Dorothy Dandridge, in a type of role then rare for an African-American actress, turns sexuality into power. Buy the DVD at


From the director of Poltergeist and the co-writer of Alien comes a thrilling sci-fi adventure of explosive action and pulse-pounding suspense! With mind-blowing special effects by Academy Award winner John Dykstra (1977 Best Visual Effects, Star Wars), ‘Lifeforce’ is not to be missed. A mission to investigate Halley’s Comet discovers an even stranger phenomenon: an alien spacecraft! Following a deadly confrontation, the aliens arrive on Earth, where their seductive leader begins a terrifying campaign to drain the lifeforce of everyone she encounters. Her victims, in turn, continue the cycle, and soon the entire planet is in mortal danger. And when the mission’s sole survivor (Steve Railsback – The Stunt Man) sets out to destroy her, he comes face to face with the most charming – and horrifying – being he’s ever known. Will he be able to destroy the lovely vampiress….or will he become yet another victim of her fatal charm? Buy the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack right here.

Dino King 3D

Experience what is was like to walk with nature’s greatest prehistoric predators with the release of ‘Dino King 3D,’ now available on Blu ray and DVD.  Painstakingly recreated in breathtaking CGI animation, the film takes viewers to a time before man, when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Speckles, a baby Tarbosaurus, is exiled and forced to flee his homeland when his entire family is killed by an evil, one-eyed T-Rex.  Lost in the deepest depths of the hostile jungle, hungry and alone, Speckles happens upon a much needed ally and companion in the form of a young female Tarbosaurus. Together they help each other survive through the treacherous and forbidding terrain. Speckles grows up learning fighting skills so he can be ready for the day when he will return to claim his family’s ancient hunting grounds and become The Dino King. Meet Speckles. He’

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