‘True Blood’ Producer Says Season 6 Will Change Things Up

True Blood (HBO)

What exactly should we expect this season on “True Blood“?

As the sixth season of the HBO series prepares for flight on Sunday, Rolling Stone interviewed the show’s new executive producer Brian Buckner about what to expect from the Stackhouse clan and according to the interview, change is coming.

“I’m not going to say what the changes are, but it’s a big deal,” he said in the interview. “Everybody loves the show, but actors don’t want to play the same scenes anymore, and writers don’t want to write the same scenes anymore, and so literally shifting things up. And pivoting people around – on this show, other than when we have table reads and premiere parties, a lot of these actors never work together – so the way I look at it, if we can shift the paradigm, and some of the relationships within the show, there are all these sort of new avenues to go down.”

Buckner says that the series will return to its soap opera roots and ” remember that romance matters in the midst of all the plot we do.”

And, of course, someone is going to die. This year, however, it could be a major player.

“One of our principal characters will not make it all the way through the season,” said Buckner. “In television, because of the pace of what we do, who these actors are, they inform the characters that they’re playing. Because Anna [Paquin, who plays Sookie Stackhouse] is changing in her life – because she’s a mother now – we’re trying to make a more grown-up Sookie, a less naive Sookie. A Sookie who knows when she needs help and isn’t always saying, “I can do it myself.” And a darker Sookie, honestly. Someone who’s a little bit more eyes-open to the world and self-aware.

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