CBS Cuts Obama Audio from Stephen King ‘Dome’ Series: Report

There's no place like 'Dome': Dean Norris of "Breaking Bad" stars in "Under the Dome," now not including the voice of President Obama (Photos: CBS, Getty Images)

The producers of a new Stephen King summer series on CBS thought better of using an audio snippet of President Obama voice and have pulled it from the show.

The audio bit was to have been heard in an upcoming, unspecified episode of the 13-part series, “Under the Dome”, which premieres June 24.

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In the series, adapted from one of King’s bestsellers, a small New England town becomes cut off from the rest of the world when it is suddenly sealed inside a giant dome that is transparent, invisible and apparently impenetrable.

According to this story on the Web site, a snippet of an Obama speech delivered around the time of superstorm Sandy was used and applied to a fictional disaster unfolding in the CBS series. But upon reflection, the producers and CBS felt that using a piece of the real president’s voice for a fictional crisis on a TV miniseries was inappropriate. So the audio was cut.

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