‘True Blood’ Season Premiere: Kill Billith

Stephen Moyer of "True Blood" (Photo: HBO)

The Season 6 premiere of “True Blood,” “Who Are You, Really?” was all about power. Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Alcide (Joe Magianello) have had it thrust upon them. We also meet a new force of power, Louisiana Governor Burell. But the premiere was also a typical episode of “True Blood,” with hilarious one liners, graphic sex, and too many characters.

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Billith — Bad or Just Bad Ass?

The episode opens where Season 5 ended with Sookie and Eric fleeing a bloody Billith. They, along with Jason (Ryan Kawnten), Tara (Rutina Wesley), Jessica (Deborah Woll), Pam and Nora (Lucy Griffiths) escape from the Authority’s headquarters right before Bill sets it on fire, and stands in front of it, looking like one of those preserved cadavers that end up in museums. He levitates as they drive away.

They hear the governor on the radio instituting a curfew for vampires, who have eaten hundreds of people since the Tru Blood factories were bombed. He also issues an executive order closing down all vampire businesses. This episode is off to an action-packed start! Unfortunately, everyone then goes to the beach and talks for half the episode. Nora reveals to Jason that Warlow is Lilith’s son. Nora advocates killing Billith, while Jessica remains loyal to her maker. So loyal, in fact, that she starts writhing in agony because she senses that he wants her to come to him. Sookie decides to take her to him.

They find a pile of red powder in his living room. Has Bill turned into Kool-Aid? No. He’s on the porch, looking like his old, mainstream self. Eric tries to stake him. Bill is about to kill him when Sookie stakes him in the back! Bill calmly rips the stake out, then tells them he means them no harm. Sookie asks him to prove it by leaving town for good. Jessica tells her that they are the ones who should leave.

When he and Jessica are alone, Bill discovers he has telekinesis. He is unaware of what other powers he has. Apparently one of them is being a parasitic host. He finds three naked, bloody Liliths in his room. They jump inside his body without his consent. For Bill, power has seemingly come at the cost of his own autonomy.

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What Does Tru Blood Have in Common With Investment Banks?

The governor offers the manager of a broke Tru Blood manufacturer the use of a government-owned bottling plant so it can resume production. It will be a silent partnership so he won’t look like a hypocrite. He thinks once the vampires have sustenance they will return to being law-abiding citizens. He wants their tax dollars. The governor seems to be wielding his power pragmatically and effectively, unless there’s some twist where he’s going to exterminate vampires by poisoning the Tru Blood.

Sookie Chooses Herself

Eric marvels that Sookie was willing to kill Bill to save him. Sookie thought Bill was dead, so it’s not really much of a gesture. But Eric writes an oath in blood to give her back the deed to her house. She thanks him, then rescinds his invitation to come inside. Sorry Eric, she is just not that into you anymore. For Sookie, power comes from independence.

Hitchhiker’s Guide

A mysterious stranger (Rutger Hauer) picks up a hitchhiking Jason. He tells the stranger about Warlow, then realizes from the man’s intimate knowledge of Jason’s history and Bon Temps that he is Warlow. (Or is he? Jason’s wrong about most things.) Jason tries to shoot him, but the man disappears.

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Sex Pack Abs

To assume leadership of the Wolf Pack, Alcide (Joe Mangianello) has to eat the arm of the prior packmaster. It’s gross but it pays off because he gets to have an explicit threesome with his girlfriend Nikki and another wolf named Danielle. Though Alcide may get corrupted by the perks of his new role, for now he’s writing a letter to Penthouse Forum.

Bar None

Pam is jealous that Nora seems to have supplanted her as Eric’s confidant, while Tara is willing to mend her broken heart. The army closes down Fangtasia. Tara threatens a soldier while defending Pam and gets shot with a laser. Pam’s power: greatly diminished.

They Grow Up So Fast

Arlene is sick of raising Andy’s five fairy babies, though she’s only been taking care of them for a couple hours. She and Terry teach him to change diapers. Andy’s kids age into toddlers who can talk overnight. Congratulations, Andy. You are the proud parent of daytime soap characters. Next week they should hit their teen years.

Finally, Somebody Dies

Luna dies from the injuries she sustained in the finale after telling Sam to protect Emma. RIP, tertiary character. He hides out in a deserted Merlotte’s with Lafayette, where he realizes that because Luna skinwalked into Steve Newlin on live television, everyone now knows shifters exist.


“If you stick Mr. Happy inside a hoo hah without a raincoat, babies come out.” — Arlene to Andy

“Is this about your girlfriend turning into Steve Newlin? Because that was the sickest sh*t I’ve seen on TV and I watch Dance Moms.” — Lafayette to Sam

“True Blood” airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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