‘Dexter’ Newcomers Fuel Final Season Twists

Charlotte Rampling and Michael C. Hall of "Dexter" (Photo: Showtime)

Showtime’s “Dexter” returns for its eighth and final season on Sunday, June 30. Picking up six months after the events of the Season 5 finale, the premiere finds Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) still reeling from Deb’s shocking decision to kill LaGuerta to protect Dexter. He has reacted by resuming his old killing ways, while the guilt-ridden Deb has gone into a drastic downward spiral. Enter two new characters who appear to be their saviors, Dr. Evelyn Vogel and Jacob Elroy.

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However, on “Dexter,” friends are often enemies in disguise. Should Dexter and Deb trust these newcomers? At the show’s premiere party, this season’s guest stars Charlotte Rampling and Sean Patrick Flanery gave us the scoop on the newest members of the oh-so-happy and functional “Dexter” universe.


Dr. Vogel is a neuropsychiatrist brought in to consult on Miami Metro’s latest gruesome murder case. Rampling explains, “She’s a neuropsychiatrist and works with young psychopaths, and she has a background which will be revealed in the series. It’s a fascinating background and it has an extraordinary impact on Dexter’s life.”

SPOILER ALERT: If you do not want to know any details about the first two episodes of “Dexter” Season 8, stop reading now.

The big twist comes at the start of the second episode, when Dexter learns that Vogel was the one who crafted Harry’s code. She is, in essence, Dexter’s creator, the person who had a guiding hand in unleashing a good bad guy. “She wanted to make it possible for a psychopath like Dexter to be able to live because most psychopaths are so out of control that they can’t. She wanted him to be able to channel these urges in a way that would be almost useful to society — by killing people who deserve to die.”

Why did Harry seek out Vogel’s help? When asked if, long ago, Harry and Vogel were lovers, Rampling coyly says, “You could believe that if you wanted to.”

Now, after all this time, Vogel has sought out Dexter for her own purposes, after she seemingly becomes the target of a killer. “She comes to find him the first time,” Rampling says. “She’s known him since he was ten and never met him face to face because of what happened [to her].”

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Elroy enters the picture as Deb’s new boss. In another unexpected plot point, Deb is no longer a cop. She’s left Miami Metro because she feels too guilty about killing LaGuerta, and helping to cover up the murder, to continue being a police officer. “He’s an ex-cop that owns his own private investigation firm,” explains Flanery. “He goes a little bit against the grain. I think he thinks the private sector is much more effective and a lot less bureaucratic red tape then the government police department, and he does things his own way. He skates around the law sometimes.”

Some of Elroy’s cases seem to be on a collision course with the murders that Miami Metro is investigating, as well as Dexter himself. Flanery hints, “He’s working for what he considers the greater good and all extraneous strings lead to the same common center. He’s a curious, curious individual.”

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While Dexter’s ultimate fate at the end of series is a closely guarded secret, fans can rest assured that it, along with Vogel and Flanery’s roles in the final episodes, has been meticulously planned.

Said executive producer Sara Colleton, “Two years ago, we sat down in the writers room and figured the arc out for our two-season ender. We knew where we wanted to end up and we knew what we wanted to explore along the way, and all the themes and what we wanted to cope with and what we wanted to say about Dexter’s eight-season journey and all of his experiences.”

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Added Aimee Garcis, who plays Dexter’s nanny Jamie, “One of the main themes [this season] is, can you be two things at once? I think the overarching question this season is, can he be a psychopath and a human simultaneously now that he has found love for the first time and now that he’s a father and his kid is able to talk and ask questions.”

The final season of “Dexter” premieres Sunday, June 30 at 9/8c on Showtime.

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