Rachel Pt. 2? ‘Big Brother’ Casts Sister of Former Contestant

Elissa Slater on "Big Brother" (CBS)

Say what you will about her, but former “Big Brother” contestant Rachel Reilly left her mark on the popular CBS reality franchise.

In Season 12, she was portrayed as one of the biggest “villains” and then going on as a “fan favorite” in “Big Brother 13” and winning the whole show, before moving to other reality fare such as “The Amazing Race” and “My Fair Wedding.”

Now, CBS has revealed the newest cast of this summer’s run of “Big Brother,” and-as the show likes to say-expect the unexpected. The cast list reveals a bevy of contestants with various backgrounds that can be seen here. Hidden among the faces is Elissa Slater, who is described as a nutritionist from Concord, N.C. What it doesn’t say is that she is also Rachel’s sister, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“My strategy for winning Big Brother, is to be laser focused on forming the first all girl alliance in BB history to make it to the end,” Slater says of her approach to the game. “And whether it’s two, three or four women, isn’t going to matter, as long as I’m the last woman standing.”

The newest season will start next Wednesday on CBS and will last a record 100 days.

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