Watch NBC’s Fake Reality Show/Mystery Drama ‘Siberia’

by | June 26, 2013 at 11:27 AM | TV News

This summer, NBC is heading to “Siberia,” of all places, for a fun new mystery drama about a fictional reality show that turns into more of a horror show.

Set in the Siberian territory of Tunguska, the remote location was the site of a meteor strike in 1908, and now, 16 unknowing reality show contestants are dropped off in this no man’s land “Survivor”-style.

Watch the Pilot of “Siberia” Now Above.

But the group is forced to band together to survive when some strange stuff starts happening, especially when they realize the mysterious occurrences are not a part of the show.

Their first clue? When one of the contestants is badly injured…and no one comes to help.

“Siberia” premieres Monday, July 1 at 10/9c on NBC.