Martha Stewart: ‘I Feel Sorry for Paula Deen’

by | June 27, 2013 at 3:43 PM | TV News, Watch What Happens Live

Martha Stewart on "Watch What Happens Live" (Photo: Bravo)

Domestic goddess in the clubhouse! Martha Stewart dropped by Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” Wednesday night where she discussed everything from Paula Deen’s scandal to her surprising love life.

When host Andy Cohen asked Martha for her opinion on the downfall of Southern cooking queen Paula Deen over the N-word controversy, Stewart admitted: “I feel sorry for Paula Deen. She’s a public figure and I know you have to be extremely careful being a public figure.”

But Stewart declined to give her thoughts on the Food Network terminating Deen’s contract and cancelling her cooking shows, simply saying, “No comment.”

Watch Her Response Below:

Things lightened up considerably when Stewart and fellow guest Maggie Gyllenhaal played a hilarious game called “Did Martha Do it?” in which Maggie had to guess what saucy Martha Stewart has actually done from a list of some rather outrageous entries.

Some of the choices included: Had a one-night stand? Had a threesome? Been to a strip club? Ever sexted? Tripped on acid? Find out Martha’s surprising answers in the clip below!

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