Sandra Bullock Drops F-Bomb on ‘The Tonight Show’

Sandra Bullock on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (Photo: NBC)

Sandra Bullock knows how to bring “The Heat” to a talk-show appearance.

The actress dropped by “The Tonight Show” Wednesday to promote her new movie “The Heat,” co-starring Melissa McCarthy (“Bridesmaids“), and dropped an f-bomb in the process.

According to Bullock, the ladies swear worse than sailors in their new buddy comedy, in which Bullock plays an uptight FBI agent paired up with a cranky cop (McCarthy) to take down a drug kingpin.

“We have 190 f-bombs [in the movie], most of them being Melissa’s,” Bullock revealed.

“When you drop them, you’re just cooler,” Bullock shrugged, “I’m cooler when I drop them.”

Lest anyone think she’s as uptight in real-life as her character, or perhaps she’s in need of some extra cool points, Bullock then dropped the f-bomb for real.

“You know, it just makes me f**kin cool when I drop them!” Bullock exclaimed.

The 48-year-old actress then added that cursing is not cool in front of children.

Watch Sandra Bullock’s F-bombshell Below.

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In another foul-mouth frenzy, self-professed “filthy comic” Whitney Cummings also tested the NBC censors by rattling off to Leno as many bleeping naughty words as she could think of.

Watch Whitney Cummings say all the things that you CAN’T say on network TV in the clip below:

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