What To Watch: This Week’s DVR Picks

'Below Deck' (Bravo)

Monday July 1:

Below Deck‘ (10pm on Bravo) **Series Premiere** Record Now

This new series follows a group of crewmembers living and working aboard “Honor,” a 164′ mega-yacht. The upstairs and downstairs worlds collide when this young single crew, known as “yachties,” live, love and work together onboard the luxurious, privately owned yacht, while tending to the ever-changing needs of their wealthy, demanding clients.

Jim Shockey’s The Professionals‘ (9pm on Outdoor Channel) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Legendary outdoorsman Jim Shockey is returning for Season 4 of  ‘Jim Shockey’s The Professionals.’ Based in Vancouver, he and his crew – which includes son Branlin and daughter Eva – travel to the world’s most dangerous hunting destinations.

Siberia‘ (10pm ET on NBC) **Series Premiere** Record Now

Sixteen contestants from around the world are dropped off by helicopter into an unpopulated Siberian wilderness. With only the clothes on their backs, the contestants must try to survive this “last man/woman standing” endurance competition with no rules or help from producers or the outside world to win a big cash prize. Leaders and followers emerge as the contestants’ survival is constantly threatened as they are faced with frightening events and unexpected situations that go horribly awry.

Under Armour Presents Ridge Reaper‘ (11pm on Outdoor Channel) **Series Premiere** Record Now

Jason Carter – leader of the team on new series ‘Ridge Reaper.’ He has been a hunter his entire life and a western big game hunting consultant for the past 17 years.

Wednesday July 3:

MidwayUSA’s Gun Stories with Joe Mantegna‘ (8pm on Outdoor Channel) **Season Premiere** Record Now

TV and film actor Joe Mantegna (currently on ‘Criminal Minds’) is back hosting the third season of ‘MidWayUSA’s Guns Stories.’ On each episode of the show, he takes viewers through a firearm’s history.

Friday July 5:

Sasquatch‘ (7:30pm on Outdoor Channel) **Season Premiere** Record Now

Real-life mountain man Laramy “Sasquatch” Miller is returning for Season 2 of ‘Sasquatch.’ Born and raised deep in the Rocky Mountains, “Sasquatch” survives by hunting, trapping and surviving off the land. The series follows the 6’7 and 270 pounds woodsman and his family living in the great wilderness.

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