5-Year-Old Whiz Kid Names ‘One of the Worst Presidents’ on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

by | July 3, 2013 at 10:11 AM | Jimmy Kimmel Live!

In honor of Independence Day, Jimmy Kimmel welcomed a presidential expert on Tuesday’s episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!“.

Did we mention the “presidential expert” is 5 years old? Arden Hayes is one of those tiny trivia whizzes whose knowledge and recall ability is startling. When quizzed by the late-night host (and members of the audience), the boy was able to correctly identify the U.S. presidents by their portraits — and deflect ringers Jimmy threw in like “President” George Jefferson (of “The Jeffersons”), name the only president born on July 4th, and quote the Gettysburg address.

Find Out Who the Kid Called Out as the “One of the Worst Presidents” in the Clip Above.

Happy Fourth of July, America!