‘Life’s Too Short,’ Last Year’s Funniest Show, Returns for One Last Gasp

Warwick Davis (right) has a laugh with producer Ricky Gervais on the set of "Life's Too Short" (Photo: HBO)

It was only around for a short time, and it may have gone right by you without you seeing it, but last year’s Ricky Gervais-produced comedy “Life’s Too Short” was one of our favorite comedies of 2012.

And this weekend, the show returned for one last go-round — a finale of sorts that enabled the show’s fans to catch up with the show’s dwarf protagonist, British actor Warwick Davis, and say a proper farewell to this brave comedy.

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The one-hour “Life’s Too Short” finale special premiered the other day, July 5, on HBO, and Comcast HBO subscribers can watch it any time by clicking on the photo below.

The finale comes more than a year after the original series — lasting only eight half-hour episodes — ended in April 2012. The series was a mockumentary look at the life of Davis, 43 — a dwarf actor standing 3’6″ who has had parts in various fantasy films, including the starring role in 1988’s “Willow,” directed by Ron Howard.

The HBO series — produced by Gervais and producing partner Stephen Merchant — followed Davis as he went about trying to land movie roles and otherwise trade on a level of fame that has proven to be fleeting.

The show had Davis getting into all sorts of scrapes and situations stemming from his out-of-control ego, and also from his physical size. It was the show’s razor sharp focus on the latter that produced gasps as well as laughs as the pint-sized thespian would find himself climbing bookcases to retrieve items he couldn’t reach, or falling out of his SUV because the first step out of the vehicle was too high for him to properly negotiate.

The series drew a number of prominent guest-stars who played themselves in wickedly funny scenes, including Johnny Depp, Liam Neeson and Sting. In the one-hour finale, the guest-star is Val Kilmer, who co-starred with Davis in “Willow” and now seeks to enlist Davis for a “Willow” sequel. Of course, Davis says yes.

To find out what happens next, you just have to watch this special, one-hour episode.

Comcast HBO subscribers: Click on the pic to watch the new “Life’s Too Short” finale special:

Warwick Davis (left) meets with his incompetent accountant (Steve Brody) in "Life's Too Short" (Photo: HBO)

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