‘True Blood’: All’s Fair in Love & Warlow

Rob Kazinsky of "True Blood" (Photo: HBO)

This week’s installment of “True Blood” is aptly titled “At Last.” At last things are happening. At last Warlow’s identity is revealed. At last Sookie is being intelligent and proactive. At last the disparate plotlines are coming together. At last Eric, Jason and Ben are shirtless in the same episode. Here are the highlights.

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The War on Warlow

As everyone suspected, Ben (Rob Kazinsky) is Warlow (I think his alias Ben is a homage to “Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s” Ben Is Glory storyline). While Sookie (Anna Paquin) finally calls an ambulance for the still-unconscious Jason (Ryan Kwanten), Ben feeds Jason some of his blood. Jason instantly wakes up. It’s unclear why Warlow would save Jason, thereby exposing his identity. Either the guy is morally ambiguous, or he is a vampire with a soft spot for humans, or he thinks Jason is hot. After Jason does over 200 pullups without breaking a sweat, he realizes that the last time he felt this good he was on V. Sookie uses her powers on a drop of blood that Ben sloppily left behind and figures out that he is Warlow. She grows a brain, tracks Ben down at his motel and invites him to join her later for dinner.

Meanwhile, Nora (Lucy Griffiths) tells Niall (Rutger Hauer) about the prophecy in the vampire bible that only Warlow can kill Lilith. He thanks her for the information by shooting her with a lightbeam and letting the anti-vampire forces take her to the concentration camp.

Jason has a homoerotic dream about Ben. He asks his grandpa for advice about the funny feelings he sometimes gets in his special place. That’s how Niall realizes that Ben is Warlow. Only vampires can make people dream about them. He and Jason attempt to kill Warlow while he is getting ready for his date with Sookie. Warlow glamours Jason into forgetting the entire experience, then has an exposition laden showdown with Niall. He lived next door to Niall’s family. He was turned before Niall was born and  spared young Niall’s life because he couldn’t kill a child. He spares him again by lightbeaming him back to the fairy netherworld from whence he came.

Sookie spices up her fried chicken with silver. She puts on a white lace dress and a seductive persona. “Ben” shows up late with flowers. He doesn’t notice anything is awry when Sookie declines to eat dinner. The silver seems not to have any impact on him. She lays it on thick, confessing that her ex is a vampire. Before she opens up her heart, she needs to know why he wants her. He claims that Sookie understands him. They kiss. He unzips her dress and gets on top of her. He mind reads her saying, “Get the f*** off me Warlow.” Now that’s how to end an episode.

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Bill Opens An Artisinal Microbrewery

Andy’s four unnamed fairy daughters age into teens and sneak out of the house to buy beer. Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Jessica (Deborah Woll) track them in the hope of obtaining some of their fairy blood. They end up at the same convenience store with the creepy clerk that Sookie visited in the pilot. Jessica buys them alcohol, then convinces them to party at Bill’s house. Once there, Bill tricks them into giving him blood samples. He wants professor Takahashi to analyze it and synthesize it to create a super-strength Tru Blood that he believes will save vampires. Unfortunately, once the blood is removed from the fairies its unique properties disappear. When the fairies try to leave, Jessica snaps and attacks them. Bill finds her whimpering in front of their bloody, unconscious bodies saying that she hopes they are still alive.

Eric Creates a Monster

Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) persuades Tara (Rutina Wesley) to reveal where she stashed Willa (Amelia Rose Blaire). He decides the best way to further the vampire cause is to turn her. Fortunately, this is Willa’s dream come true. In a sexually charged scene, she tells him she’s “Pretty much a virgin” and asks if it will hurt. He assures her, “Not the way I do it.” Then he bites her neck. After her transformation, she is disappointed when, instead of getting to have sex with Eric, he orders her to return to her father. In a heavy-handed gay rights analogy, he believes that if the governor realizes someone he loves is a vampire, he will change his mind about the species.

The governor is shacking up with Sarah Newlin (Anna Camp)! Willa returns home, covered with blood, and pleads with him to end his war on vampires. He is on the verge of reconsidering his stance. Then she notices a cut on his hand and bites him. Eric really didn’t think this plan through too carefully. Jessica and Tara are still figuring out how to be vampires, while he expected Willa to be an expert after an hour. Sarah shoots Willa and tells the governor he has to let her go.

Will the LATVF send Willa to the camp along with the episode’s other captives Nora, Ginger and Pam?

The Sixth Stage of Grief

After bandaging the injured Nicole (Jurnee Smollett), Sam (Sam Trammell) chivalrously turns into a horse so she can ride home. They are the least interesting creatures on the show, but shifters have the best powers. Think how much money you would save on transportation if you could turn into a horse any time you needed to travel. At his place, Sam and Nicole bond over their common experience of watching their lover die within the past week. Naturally, they decide the best way to deal with their grief is by having sex.

“True Blood” airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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