‘Big Brother’s’ Aaryn Gries: ‘I Haven’t Said Anything Racist!’

"Big Brother 15" Houseguest Aaryn Gries (Photo: CBS)

It would seem that “Big Brother” contestant Aaryn Gries is going to be very confused when she eventually leaves the famed CBS house and by the fallout (including the loss of her job) that has taken place because of her comments on the show.

After making national headlines and becoming a plot point for some of her racist comments, Gries was confronted with about her insults during the “Big Brother” online live feeds, but claimed that she has done nothing wrong.

Today.com quoted a conversation made within the home when fellow house guest Amanda Zuckerman approached Gries in the Head of Household bedroom to warn her that some of the fellow contestants were upset about controversial things she’s said.

Zuckerman urged Gries to “be mindful” of her comments in the future and suggested that an apology “would go a really far way” to making peace.

That didn’t seem to sit well with Gries,

“That’s the most obnoxious, annoying thing I’ve ever heard,” she responded to Zuckerman.

She goes on to shoot down the notion that her housemates should be upset about anything that came out of her mouth, declaring, “I haven’t said anything racist.”

She then added, “They call me Barbie and say all sorts of (expletive) about me being blonde all the time. So what’s the difference?”

Much of American seems to disagree with that sentiment, with her comments ranging from telling Asian housemate Helen Kim “to go make some rice,” to making homophobic slurs in reference to gay housemate Andy Herren, saying
“No one’s going to vote for whoever that queer puts up.”

“Big Brother” host Julie Chen revealed she too was offended by the racist remarks made by the cast.

“When I first found out that Aaryn, who is a 22-year-old girl, made anti-gay, anti-black and anti-Asian comments, I have to be honest, the Asian ones hit me the most. It stung,” Chen said on Monday’s show. “I took it personally. I’m a human being.”

The next episode of “Big Brother” airs Thursday at 9 p.m. on CBS. Until then, here’s a clip of some of the comments that created a firestorm…

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/watch/Big-Brother/7707974428390704112/36377667614/Big-Brother—Derogatory-Comments/embed 580 476]

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