Keeping Up With ‘Kris’: Kardashian Matriarch Makes Talk-Show Debut

Kris Jenner (inset) strode on to the set of her new daytime talk show on Monday (Photos: Fox)

Grand surroundings and light-weight subject matter were the two most conspicuous elements of Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner’s new daytime talk show, which debuted Monday.

How light-weight? As light as a Twinkie, which was one of the “current” topics that came up for discussion on the show, which we watched on Fox/Ch. 5 in New York at 11 a.m. (where it will compete weekday mornings against “The View,” among other shows).

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Mrs. Jenner’s new show, titled simply “Kris,” brings the so-called “mom-ager” who is credited with engineering her family’s conquest of reality TV into the foreground with a TV forum all her own — although she apparently is to be saddled with a guest co-host in every show.

In her debut episode on Monday, her co-host was actor Cameron Mathison, formerly of “All My Children.” Scheduled to co-host later in the week: Antonio Sabato Jr. (Tuesday), Mario Lopez (Wednesday), Terry Crews (Thursday) and Khloe Kardashian (Friday). And slated for future co-hosting stints, according to Fox, which syndicates “Kris”: Ryan Seacrest, Joan Rivers, P. Diddy, Kathie Lee Gifford and even Harvey Levin of “TMZ.”

Pairing Kris up with someone else seems to have enabled the creators of her talk show to adapt the template that’s already been well-established on other talk shows such as “Live with Kelly and Michael” and the hour of “Today” featuring Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb. Indeed, the “chat” table on “Kris” has Jenner and her co-host both seated on the same side and facing the cameras and studio audience in the manner of those other twosomes (without the wine-drinking of Kathie Lee and Hoda).

Still, the guest-host pairing can’t help but raise a key question: If the show is called “Kris,” why isn’t Kris hosting it by herself?

By the looks of it on Day One, Kris J. seems to have enough personality to handle it herself, especially since at least some of the topics up for discussion are people and situations she knows well — her own family (two of whom, daughters Khloe and Courtney, were in the studio audience).

In fact, the inaugural host-chat segment had Kris telling the overly breathless Mathison all about the drama of daughter Kim’s early, surprise delivery of her baby last month. The yarn was indeed detailed, and probably a little too long, although fans of everything Kardashian were probably glued to every word.

Besides the presence of other Kardashians — in-person and in-story — the element that struck us most about this new talk show was the sumptuous set they’d built for her. It looked like a grand foyer, with twin sweeping staircases — although Kris made her entrance at ground level from between the great stairs, which made you wonder what on earth these grand steps were for. Maybe sometime in the future they’ll have dancers on them like in some 1930s movie musical — which is what they resembled.

Nevertheless, Kris seemed right at home amidst their grandeur as she welcomed guests such as TV chef Rocco Dispirito and a “surprise” visit by the international singing trio known as Il Volo.

Then it was on to belly-dancing lessons and then a segment on underwear. Before you knew it, the first hour of “Kris” had come to an end. And every member of the studio audience went home with a box of Twinkies.

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