‘Castle’ Set Shuts Down While Star Nathan Fillion Plays Hooky

Nathan Fillion (Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

It’s no mystery why “Castle” star Nathan Fillion did not show up to work on Friday. Unfortunately, it’s not because the famously geeky actor was hard at work on his San Diego Comic-Con costume.

The actor is in the midst of a contract dispute with the show’s producer, ABC Studios. At issue is Fillion’s desire for a four-day work week. Deadline reports that, without its leading man, “Castle” was forced to shut down production for the day. However, an ABC representative claims that he is on set this week and the show is filming.

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The fifth season of the show ended in May with Castle proposing to Beckett after she decided to move from New York to Washington D.C. to take her dream job. If Fillion’s one-day walk out turned into a longer absence, the show could theoretically opt to focus on Beckett’s adventures in D.C. while negotiations continued. Contractual issues are not uncommon in long-running hit shows. The cast of “The Big Bang Theory” successfully banded together two years ago to demand large raises. In the final season of “Friends,” Warner Brothers paid each of the show’s six stars a million dollars an episode. This dispute is somewhat unusual in that it is about the show’s filming schedule rather than money.

Members of Fillion’s passionate fanbase took to Twitter to voice their opinion about the situation. “Captain Mal [Fillion’s “Firefly” character] gotta eat,” Tweeted Ryan McPhee. “In season seven the show’ll title Beckett” joked @lucarpe 74, while @stixanimated counseled upset fans to remember one of Rick Castle’s axioms: “‘There’s always a story, always a chain of events that makes everything make sense.’ Don’t jump to conclusions, fans.”

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