‘Today’ Scores First Post-Verdict Interview with Trayvon’s Parents: Watch

by | July 18, 2013 at 2:46 PM | The Today Show, TV News

Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin, parents of Trayvon Martin, on "The Today Show" on Thursday (Photo: NBC)

The parents of Trayvon Martin told Matt Lauer they’re still in a state of “shock” and “disbelief” following the acquittal of the man who fatally shot their son.

The distraught mother and father of the 17-year-old boy killed by George Zimmerman last year made their first TV appearance Thursday since Zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting last weekend in a Florida courtroom. Their first TV interview was conducted by Matt Lauer on NBC’s “Today Show” in New York.

“What’s your reaction to the verdict?” Lauer asked the two.

“Still shocked,” Tracy Martin answered softly. “Still in disbelief. We felt in our hearts that we were going to get a conviction. We thought that the killer of our unarmed child was going to be convicted of the crime that he committed.”

Lauer then asked Trayvon’s mother if she understood how the jury could have arrived at the “reasonable doubt” they apparently reached that led to them delivering an acquittal. She said she felt the all-woman, six-member jury saw the confrontation between Trayvon and Zimmerman only from Zimmerman’s perspective. “I don’t understand,” Sybrina Fulton said. “If they were looking at it from Trayvon’s point of view … He was a teenager. He was scared.”

Watch Matt Lauer interview Trayvon Martin’s parents Thursday morning on “The Today Show”:

Like many others, Trayvon’s father believes race played a part in the shooting of his son, even though the jury in Zimmerman’s trial disagreed, based on the testimony they heard during the trial.

“Obviously, any time you have a person that makes an assumption that a person is up to no good, there is some type of ‘profiling’ in there,” Tracy Martin said. “Was [Trayvon] racially profiled? I think that if Trayvon had been white, this would have never happened. So, obviously, race is playing some type of role.”