‘Sister’ Wives Make Themselves at Home in Season Premiere: Watch

Sister wives Mariah (left) and Janelle check up on the construction of one of their new homes on TLC's "Sister Wives." (Photo: TLC)

Home-building seems to be the theme of this weekend’s Season Four premiere of TLC’s “Sister Wives.”

As fans of this polygamy reality series know well, the multi-wife Brown family — consisting of one husband, four wives and 17 children — moved from Lehi, Utah, out of state to Las Vegas, where their lifestyle reportedly isn’t coming under the same scrutiny it attracted in their home state.

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As Season Four gets under way on Sunday (July 21) — 9/8c on TLC — the Browns are nearing the completion of a plan to locate their sprawling family in close proximity with each other.

This apparently meant finding appropriate real estate where the family could assemble four contiguous plots on which they would either build new houses, or just move into ones already located next door to each other. Judging by what we have already learned from TLC about this Sunday’s premiere episode, the result is likely to be a combination of existing houses, plus new construction or, possibly, four new houses built from the ground up.

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Inside "Sister Wives": The wives take a look at the progress in the interior of one of their new houses. (Photo: TLC)

Of course, one of the issues this unusual “family” faces is one common to families of all kinds: Paying for it. According to TLC, the Browns aren’t entirely sure how they’ll afford their new households, even as they go ahead with their plans to build and furnish them.

The “Sister Wives” fourth-season premiere — featuring hubby Toby Brown and wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn — airs Sunday, July 21, at 9/8c on TLC.

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