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The number one Japanese-language channel in North America, TV JAPAN provides a rich lineup of news, entertainment and sports from top Japanese networks: NHK, Fuji TV, TBS, TV Asahi, Nippon TV and TV Tokyo. Many of the news programs offer English as a secondary audio service. Select programs are provided with English subtitles and bilingual coverage of the Grand Sumo tournaments.

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Gochisosan” [Sun – Fri, 9:45pm ET] NHK

The 89th Drama Serial is a food themes drama called “Gochisousan”. Meiko Uno is the daughter of parents who run a western style restaurant in Tokyo. She marries and moves to Osaka with her husband. Meiko experiences cultural differences between Tokyo and Osaka as she lives as a mother and wife in Osaka.

NAOKI HANZAWA” [Saturdays, 10:00pm ET] TBS

Two popular novels by the award winning author Jun Ikeido are made into one drama series! Though the story is set in a bank, it is not a serious economic drama. It is an exciting story about the loan section chief of the Tokyo Central bank, Naoki Hanzawa, who fights with ‘enemies’ inside and outside the bank with his own motto – ‘believe in people’s good intention, but if your enemies hurt you, take double the payback’. He also has his own agenda for working in the bank, which gets revealed little by little as the story goes on.

Legal High!! 2” [Wednesdays, 10:00pm ET] フジテレビジョン

Haruki Hanyu, who worked as a prosecutor, changes sides and becomes an attorney. He opens his own law office called “NEXUS”. In court, he pursues solutions where the plaintiff and defendant can come to a mutual understanding. This differs completely from Kensuke Komikado, who believes only the winner is right. At work, Hanyu has confrontation with Komikado, but still holds personal feelings for Komikado’s co-worker Machiko Mayuzumi.

Yae’s Sakura:” [Sundays, 8:00pm ET] NHK

The historical drama for 2013 will tell the story of Niijima Yae, who earned the nickname of the “Joan of Arc” during the Boshin War and “Nightingale of Japan” in her late years.

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