‘Under the Dome’: Lives Are in Jeopardy When Military Aims at Missile at the Dome

Mike Vogel and Jolene Purdy in "Under the Dome" (Photo: CBS)

It’s a surprise for the residents of Chester’s Mills when their loved ones come to visit after the military has prohibited any previous contact on tonight’s episode of “Under the Dome” — but there is a sinister reason behind it.

If you haven’t seen the promo — or were one of the lucky Comic-Con attendees who were given an advanced screening of the fifth episode, you may not want to read on — but the plan is for the military to aim a missile at the dome to see if they can smash it into pieces.

It is a turning point for Big Jim (Dean Norris), who up to now has seemed as if he is truly a man who cares about his constituents, but now will show his dark side.

“You think this guy is going to be the hero and we slowly chip away at that,” executive producer Bryan K. Vaughan told xfinityTV at Comic-Con. “I think that we have seen hints that as much as Big Jim loves the town and his family, he is really about self-interest. We will see that taken to extremes [tonight] when he realizes, ‘This dome is not going away. I may be able to become something new. Something I have always wanted to be.’ That is scary.”

When we last saw Big Jim, he had just discovered that his son Junior (Alexander Koch) had not only imprisoned Angie (Britt Robertson) in their fallout shelter, but also had chained her to the bed. Now, with a broken pipe filling the room with water, if something is not done, there is a good chance that Angie could drown.

One would assume that once Big Jim discovers the trapped teen, he would free her, but again, it’s very possible that self-interest takes precedence.

“What will it mean if the town knows that his son is evil and crazy? How will that reflect on Big Jim? He is interested in having control over his people,” Vaughan points out.

Angie isn’t the only one who is in jeopardy. Julia (Rachelle Lefevre) is also having a tough time under the dome. She has learned that her husband is a secret gambler, who has sold off all their possessions to pay his gambling debts, and, in addition to being destitute, she almost lost her life in the meningitis epidemic.

“The silver lining is the bank isn’t going to be able to come and collect on her house since it is outside the dome,” Vaughan says. “It is fair to say [it is going to get worse for her]. Look, she didn’t die from meningitis, so the glass is half full, she has a generator in her house.”

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On tonight’s “Blue on Blue” episode, it’s looking as if things could get a little better for Julia — a possible romance is brewing with Barbie (Mike Vogel), but there are huge obstacles that have yet to be revealed … such as how her husband died in a fight with Barbie, who then buried the body in the woods.

On top of that, executive producer Neal Baer tells xfinityTV, “Barbie lied to her when she was sick. She said, ‘Tell me about my husband.’ He let her believe her husband left town because of his gambling problem. He has told her this big lie, that could be very devastating if and when she finds out the truth.”

Tonight’s missile aimed at the dome is just one in a long line of things the residents of Chester’s Mill will have to deal with. Baer says that Natalie Zea and the previously announced Mare Winningham are coming, and Natalie’s character wreaks havoc in town.

“She is such a fun character,” Vaughan adds. “She has a connection to one of our major characters — maybe more than one.”

“Mare plays an important role, too, but it is a secret,” Baer says. “All will be revealed. I think it is critical that all the Easter eggs that we have laid on the show, and things we have talked about like the propane, Reverend Coggins, Duke and what Duke’s involvement in all of that was, we promise we will answer.”

“Each character’s major secret you will learn [this season], even if you don’t learn all of the dome’s secrets,” Vaughan says.

“Under the Dome” airs Monday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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