‘Kardashians’ Recap: YOLOing, Yachting and Fighting

Kris and Brody Jenner (Photo: E!)

Sunday night’s episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” marks the second of the show’s three-part vacation extravaganza. This week, the family decides to live life to the fullest, solve family feuds, sail on an enormous yacht and bust out some crazy wigs. You know, just a typical family trip.

Here’s what went down…

Missing in Action: Lord Disick & Kids
Scott Disick is still MIA from the family vacation, while his two adorable fan-favorite children, Mason Disick and Penelope Disick, have yet to make an appearance on the show this season. A petition for their return may or may not be in order.

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Back to the show… while Kourtney Kardashian is busy caring for the couple’s two young children (off camera, of course), Scott is in London clubbing, drinking and constantly being surrounded by screaming women. But don’t worry, he feels bad about it. “Of course I feel guilty,” the Lord says. “But I don’t want to ruin her trip either, which usually happens on these long family trips where everybody gets on each other’s nerves.”

Despite the fact that Scott so obviously has Kourtney’s best interests at heart, the young mom is still upset over the situation. Kourtney and Brandon Jenner’s wife Leah bond over the situation after Leah admits that is will be sad to have family photos from the vacation that don’t include Scott. Personally, I find it sad to watch the show with every member of the Kardashian clan EXCEPT Mason and Penelope, but that’s just me. Whoops. Back to the show again… The girls are quickly distracted from their heart-to-heart by a large, naked man sunbathing nearby. In true Kardashian form, Kourtney requests that they go closer because she “loves naked people.”

Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian (Photo E!)

Yachting and YOLOing with the Kardashian/Jenners
After coming to the realization that the Jenner kids have been living it up in Greece while the Kardashians have only laid around, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian decide make a “YOLO pact” in order to enjoy their vacation to the fullest and avoiding getting “showed down” by their step siblings.

The girls agree to join Brandon, Brody and Leah on a snorkeling trip. Flashback to the last family vacation, where Khloe had a total meltdown in the water after an attempt at scuba diving. She decides to give ocean sports another go, but hits a major speed bump when it comes time to put on a wetsuit.  Khloe’s ample Kardashian assets – cough, cough her butt – don’t quite fit into the spandex suit, a fact their Greek tour guide finds absolutely hilarious. The girls jump in the water for a grand total of 30 seconds. YOLO attempt No. 1: Failed.

The family heads to the high seas on an enormous yacht. Brody sets the YOLO bar pretty high by jumping off the boat to go jet skiing, prompting Kourtney and Khloe to do the same. Unfortunately, their run doesn’t go too smoothly. Khloe chickens out and sends Kourtney flying in the deep blue sea alone, before flailing into the water herself. YOLO attempt No. 2: Failed.

Not YOLOING: Pregnant Kim Kardashian
A cornrow-sporting Kim Kardashian is staying out of the family drama and the family fun. The pregnant 32-year-old just can’t stop sleeping, putting lotion all over her body and talking about how itchy stretch marks are. Obviously, her lethargy is blamed on the “alien” baby growing inside of her.

Despite a pretty mundane existence this episode, Kim does shed some light on how she came up with the name North for her future child with Kanye West. She tells the family that they originally wanted to give their daughter a “K” name as a tribute to her own shared first initial with Kanye, but were afraid the press would refer to them as the “KKK.” Kim also reveals how great of a dad she believes the also missing-in-action Kanye will be. “I think Kanye will be a really good dad,” Kim explains. “He always says ‘There’s nothing more that I love in this world than you and myself.’ So imagine a combination of the two.” Now Kanye, I’m really happy for you, and I’m going to let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best babies of all time. 

Kris and Brody’s Familial Feud Continues
Despite the clear blue ocean and abundantly flowing cocktails, Kris Jenner and Brody just can’t get on the same page. The tension is palpable during a family dinner when Kris begs Bruce Jenner to pay her some “sexual” compliments. Brody shouldn’t take up poker as a hobby because the man cannot hide the disgust from taking over his face.

The duo’s issues clearly run deep. Kris consults her oldest daughter Kourtney on how to get closer to Brody and that she feels like he doesn’t like her “no filter” personality. “Having a blended family is never easy,” Kris reveals during the heartfelt chat. “I feel like I have been painted as not exactly positive all the time in Brody’s eyes.” She attempts to amend the situation by being exceptionally nice to Brody, even offering to put suntan lotion on his back. The situation quickly goes from awkward to creepy when Kris proclaims that Brody has the exact same back Bruce used to have. Probably not the best way to get close to your stepson.

Brody finally hits his boiling point on the yacht excursion when he spots Kris taking selfies with her cell phone camera. He said, “I bit my tongue for long enough. I think it’s time for Kris and I to actually have that talk we always needed to have.” The pair find a private spot on the boat to chat – not that hard given that the yacht is enormous. Brody launches into a full attack on Kris, accusing her of valuing material goods and luxury more than her family. He asks Kris what makes her happiest in life, and says she is lying when she says it is to see her family happy. He adds, “I don’t feel like you’ve ever given two [expletives] about the way that Brandon and I have grown up.”

A teary-eyed Kris can barely muster a response to Brody’s rant. Instead of her response, we get a dramatic “to be continued.” NOOOO.

Next week: Can Kris and Brody work out their issues? Will Scott ever join the family vacation? WHERE ARE THEY HIDING MASON AND PENELOPE?

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” airs Sundays at 9/8c on E!

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