UPDATED: ‘Sharknado’ Producer Wants Tara Reid for Sequel

Tara Reid in a scene from "Sharknado" (Photo: SyFy)

UPDATED: Tara Reid will certainly be invited back for “Sharknado 2,” one of the movie’s top producers said Monday. The producer, David Latt, told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview that all of the stars of the original “Sharknado” will be asked to participate in the sequel that will premiere next summer on SyFy.

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“Tara is invited back,” Latt is quoted as saying. “Honestly, I don’t know where that [TMZ story] came from.” Latt was referring to a TMZ story posted over the weekend that said Reid would not be asked to appear in “Sharknado 2,” although her co-star, Ian Ziering, would be.

“”SyFy and [production company] Asylum love Tara [and the other cast members],” Latt said. “Tara was great to work with. She showed up to play. Knew her lines. Was into this crazy, silly film. No drama. No diva. … She was great and we would be lucky to have her in ‘S2’.”

PREVIOUSLY: A “Sharknado” sequel without Tara Reid? Say it ain’t so!

Alas, it is so, at least according to this story on TMZ.com. Reid, 37, co-starred with Ian Ziering in the schlocky shark movie that became a surprise social-network hit on SyFy earlier this month.

The attention has spawned demand for midnight movie screenings in U.S. theaters and showings on European television, according to various stories recently — and, of course, a sequel tentatively titled “Sharknado 2.”

But according to a TMZ story posted on Sunday, Reid isn’t being considered for the sequel’s cast, although Ziering is expected to return.

The first “Sharknado” was a surprise shot in the arm for both Reid and Ziering — two stars who have not had hit movies or TV shows in a number of years. Despite its implausible, B-movie plotline — or possibly because of it — the movie raised the profiles of both Reid and Ziering.

But TMZ says producers had a meeting just last week to begin mapping out their plans for a sequel, and they agreed that the only actor they want back is Ziering.

Click on the pic to watch Ian Ziering take on a killer shark in “Sharknado”:

Ian Ziering and Tara Reid in "Sharknado" (Photo: SyFy)

In the original “Sharknado,” a huge tornado churned up the Pacific Ocean and deposited hundreds of killer sharks in the streets and neighborhoods of L.A. In the sequel, a similar storm will hit New York. “Sharknado 2” is expected to premiere next summer on SyFy.

Ziering played an L.A. surfer and bar owner in the original movie, and Reid played his estranged wife. Both survived the airborne shark invasion and were reunited at the movie’s end — which has us asking: How are they going to make “Sharknado 2” with him and without her?

And that’s what Reid would like to know too. She took to Twitter later on Sunday to deny the story, noting there’s no script yet for the sequel and that she hasn’t heard whether she’s up for a return role or not. “There is no script for sharknado 2 until i read it then i will make a decision but everyone that is saying i got cut that is not true #liars,” she wrote, according to this story in the New York Post.

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